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Java Programming PDF: Hey! Do you want to learn Java Programming? And finding for the best tutorials on Java Programming? If yes, then you are at a right place which will give you a huge list of PDFs on Java Programming. It contains most basic object-oriented concepts as well as advanced concepts of Java.

JAVA Programming PDF Download Now

JAVA Programming PDF
JAVA Programming PDF

What is Java Programming?

  • Java is an object-oriented programming language. It is very similar to C++.  Inc. in 1991, Java was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems. Later in 2010 Oracle Corporation acquired Java from Sun Microsystems.
  • Java Language was called Oak When it was initially originated.
  • In 1995 the first version of Java (Java 1.0) was released. Since Java first version, enhancement in versions of Java has been developed. The current version of Java is 1.8 which is also called Java8.
  • The Java platform consists of Java Virtual Machine and Java Core Library. Java virtual machine, it is known as JVM which allows developers to run a Java Program. Java Virtual Machine is an abstract machine than real. It provides a run-time environment to a Java Program. The compiler of Java first compile the Java program class file into Binary Code then JVM interprets Java binary code for a processor.
  • Binary Code is a collection of instructions. It is interpreted by a machine. Java Virtual Machine compiles complete instruction of binary code (Byte Code) at run time. It is called Just-In-Time compilation.
  • Java programs can be run on multiple systems. It is called Platform Independent. Due to platform independent Java is widely used Programming Language.

Features of Java Programming

Java is a High-level Programming Language. It works based on object oriented so, it provides more Flexibility, Abstraction, Encapsulation (Data Hiding), Inheritance, and Polymorphism. This OOPs concept provides full security to programs. Hence, nowadays, Java is widely used for developing Mobile Applications, Web Applications, Enterprise Applications, Scientific Applications, Android Applications, etc.
Java Programming has more powerful and robust features which are as follows.

1. Java is simple:


  • Java is a simple programming language. All the syntax of Java is very similar to C++. In Java Programming explicit pointers, operator overloading, and many complex features have been removed from Java.
  • In Java, a programmer does not need to take care of unreferenced objects. There is one great feature called Garbage Collector concept of Auto Garbage Collection which automatically re-collect object when it is not referred to any memory. So, It is called Java is simple.

2. Java is Object Oriented Programming Language:


Object Oriented Programming Language is a method of accessing data by objects rather than actions. All the data are accessed in a secure way. Following four are Object Oriented concept in Java.
     1. Abstraction:
  • Abstraction describes only essential information or characteristics of an object. It hides certain background information and explanation of an object.
  • The principle of abstraction is used to diminish complexity and gives the efficient design of a complex system.
     2. Encapsulation:
  • In Object Oriented Programming, Encapsulation is a process of binding data and functions together in one class. So, encapsulation is also known as data hiding which wrapping up data into one package.
  • Encapsulation hides the implementation details of a class. It keeps and improves the code cleaner, maintainable, and re-usability of the code.
  • Encapsulation prevents outside the object to directly modify another object’s state and behavior.
     3. Inheritance:
  • In Object Oriented Programming, Inheritance is the process of acquiring the properties and methods from other object or class. In another word, Inheritance allows a class to use the properties and methods of another class.
  • Inheritance is always defined in the word of Super Class and Sub Class. Super Class is called when a class is being inherited by other class and other class which inherits properties and method of a class are called Sub Class.
Following are different types of inheritance:
  1. Single Inheritance
  2. Multiple Inheritances
  3. Hierarchical Inheritance
  4. Multilevel Inheritance
  5. Hybrid Inheritance
A superclass can have any number of subclasses. But a subclass can have only one superclass because Java does not support multiple inheritances.
     4. Polymorphism:
  • Polymorphism is the combination of two words poly + morphism. Poly means more and morphs means forms. Hence, Polymorphism has more than one type of an object.
  • In Java, we can perform a single action by different ways.
  • Polymorphism cannot occur without parent class and child class.

For Instance, let’s consider a parent class is Vehicle and bike, car, etc. are the subclass of a vehicle. Here, IS – A relationship satisfies polymorphism property in Java because a bike is a vehicle.

There are two types of polymorphism in Java. First is Compile Time Polymorphism which is also known as Static Binding. Second is Runtime Polymorphism which is known as Dynamic Binding.
Method Overloading is an example of Static Binding and Method Overriding is a case of Dynamic Binding.

3. Java is Platform Independent:

  • Java is considered as a platform independent programming language because compiler of Java compiles Java program (Class File) into bytecode. This bytecode file is machine/platform independent which can execute any machine. So, Java is platform Independent.

4. Java is secure and Robust:


  • Pointers are used for management of memory. Like C / C++ languages support pointers. Pointers are sometimes harmful because it may access memory in an illegal and insecure way.
  • Java is said to be more secure because Java does not use any kind of pointers which may cause unauthorized access to memory. Instead of pointers, Java has its internal mechanism for memory management.

5. Java is Multithreaded:


  • A thread is a separate program. Java is said to be Multithread because a single Java file can have more than one supported thread. By defining multi threads in Java allows Java program to deal with many tasks concurrently. The advantage of Multithreading is that it does not occupy separate memory for each thread.

Platforms of Java

Followings are there are three platforms where programmers can develop Java application.
1. Java SE: It is a stand – alone and single platform. SE stands for Standard Edition which is suitable and useful to develop a desktop application.
2. Java EE / J2EE: Java EE stands for Java Enterprise Edition. It is suitable to develop Client – Server Application. Java EE provides all of APIs which need to support web-based request – response cycle. This Java web based program can interact with an internet based client called web browsers.
3. Java ME or J2ME: It stands for Java to Mobile Edition. It provides a lightweight platform for developing Mobile Application. Developers can develop a mobile application for smartphones like Android by using J2ME platform which provides all supportive API for smartphones.
Above, you have seen all about Java Programming such as what is Java Programming, Features and Object oriented concept of Java programming. How Java is more secure and Java Platforms. If you want to learn Java Programming, but you don’t know how and where to begin. Don’t worry here we have compiled and published some of the best tutorials on Java Programming in the form of PDFs for Every Java Programmers and users who want to learn Java Programming because they love free PDFs on Java. So, they can easily download the PDFs file and learn from it. It can be helpful for beginners and experienced users.
Here are top 10+ Best Java Programming PDFs which covers the entire concept from basic to advanced level including Java 8.

1. JAVA Programming PDF by Tutorial Point


Tutorial Point is one of the best online sources to learn Java Language. This PDF will quickly teach you basic concept of Java programming as well as advanced level concept of Java with the help of examples. Tutorial Point explains each and every topic of Java with examples and users friendly language.
To Download Java Programming PDF of Tutorial Point. Please Click Here

2. JAVA Programming PDF For Beginners


If you are a beginner to Java Programming and don’t know which book is best to learn Java. Then it is recommended to learn Java Programming concept at a very beginning level from this PDF. It is mainly for beginners. This Java Tutorial for Beginners with Examples will teach you to the object-oriented concept in an easy way with examples.
To Download Java Programming PDF by Riccardo Flask. Please Click Here

3. Programming in Java PDF by Herbert Schildt


It is another book of Java Programming which teaches users from Basic level to advanced level. It is also available in the form of PDF for easily use it in future. So, users can easily download and save offline for everyday use to learn Java Programming. This PDF gives comprehensive guide knowledge and object oriented concept on Java Language.
To Download Java Programming PDF. Please Click Here

4. Introduction to programming using Java


This is another book of Java Language in the medium of PDF for beginning users. This PDF will teach Java basics concept of Java Programming. This PDF will also give the basic knowledge of Linked Data Structure and Recursion.
To Download Java Programming PDF by David J. Eck. Please Click Here

5. JAVA Programming PDF to advanced


If you are an experienced user and want to go at a higher level in Java, then this is a best Java Programming book for you. It is also available in PDF. So, you can download it for offline learning. This Advanced Java Programming PDF consists all advanced topic of Java Language which will be more helpful to experienced users.
To Download Advanced Java Programming PDF. Please Click Here

6. JAVA Programming PDF by Oracle


This is a great book for beginner users. It is also available in PDF format for learning offline. After completing this tutorial, you will get fundamental knowledge of Java which includes essential topics of Java such as importance of bytecode, use of Variable, basic control structure and looping structure with syntax and examples, Java identifier, etc.
To Download Programming in Java by Oracle. Please Click Here

7. Data Structures and Algorithms with Object-Oriented Design in Java


In Java Language, Data Structure and Algorithms are fundamental concepts. It is also essential in an interview of Java. This is the best book to learn about Data Structure and Algorithms in Java Language. You will gain knowledge of Data Structure and Algorithms after completing this tutorial.
To Download Java Programming PDF. Please Click Here

8. JAVA Programming PDF by Clayton Walnum


This book consists of Java Programs, Applet, Object Oriented Programming Concept, Math Operator, etc. you will gain the complete knowledge on Java Applet Class with examples after completion of this tutorial.
To Download Java Programming PDF. Please Click Here

9. JAVA Programming PDF for Practice


This book has lots of examples of Java Language. It will give you practical knowledge of Java Programs. Java Programming PDF for Practice will enhance your thinking capability and develop your logical skill. You will get practical knowledge of Java Programming rather than theoretical knowledge. This tutorial will give you examples of each and every topic of Java.
To Download Java Programming book for Practical. Please Click Here

10. JAVA Programming PDF by Jayson Falkner and Kevin Jones


Servlet and Java Server Page are basic Java technologies which are used to develop a web application in Java. This is a great book for learning all the chapter of Servlet and Java Server Page concept. It is also available in PDF version. You will gain the knowledge of Servlet and Java Server Page after completing of this book.
To Download Java Programming PDF of Servlet and JSP. Please Click Here
Hey! Here was a great PDFs collection of JAVA programming for beginners and experienced users. Hope you enjoyed and liked our selection on JAVA Language. We have worked very hard and efficiently to make this collection. If you liked our work and collection of JAVA Programming, then please don’t forget to share it with your friends who want to learn Java Programming. Also, you can comment on this article in the comment section below for any suggestion regarding the article.


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