Top #5 Best Download HTML Tutorials PDF

HTML Tutorials PDF: Hey! Are you finding best tutorials on HTML to make a website with good looking structure? If yes, then you are at a right place where you will get some of the best HTML Tutorials PDF. So, you will be able to give a precise structure and little static design of Texts, Images, Table, and background color, etc. to your website with the help of HTML.

Best Download HTML Tutorials PDFs

Best HTML Tutorials PDF Download Now
Best HTML Tutorials PDF Download Now
Best HTML Tutorials PDF Download Now

Here, we are going to explain everything about HTML for users who want to learn HTML for developing a website with good and user-friendly web structure. Learn more below about HTML and its necessity.

What is HTML?

First of all, we need to know about what is HTML? And what HTML stands for.
  • HTML language is very straightforward and easy to use which was developed by Tim Berners-Lee in 1990.
  • HTML is the short form of Hyper Text Markup Language. It is used to give a proper skeleton of any websites means HTML describe and ensure the appropriate formatting of a website kind of how font and its size should be displayed, how and where images should be displayed on a website, how should be fonts color and background color, etc.
  • HTML is a Hyper Text Markup language. Hyper-Text means each web page may have some particular text/link called Hyperlink which includes next following link. So, by clicking on the text, you can move one web page to another page over World Wide Web.
  • Mark-Up Language of HTML is called Browser’s Language than Programming Language. Any browsers can communicate with websites using HTML elements which are referred as Markup tags.
  • HTML tags describe an Arrangement of any website’s content. So, HTML language is most important to display our web pages in a decent way over World Wide Web network.

Advantages of HTML

  • If you want your website should be search engine friendly, then HTML glorify the core part to show site to search engine.  When our web pages have well-structured and user-friendly formatting, then it can be more helpful for your site to perform better in search results.
  • The most powerful advantage of HTML is that all browsers support HTML.
  • HTML is widely acceptable web language due to its flexibility and user-friendly features.
  • You can easily learn HTML without pre-requisites knowledge of any language. HTML tags and attributes are very straightforward and easy to remember for users who are a novice and want to learn HTML.
  • HTML is also useful for basic designing of a web page like font color, font size, a background color of web pages, text rotating, etc.
  • HTML is a lightweight and simplistic web language. So, HTML-based web pages take less time to load the website. It also saves user’s time.
We have talked about HTML tags which are responsible for describing the behavior of website’s content and also decide the position of texts, images, and Tables when a website is displayed on World Wide Web. But, the question is that how HTML tags look like? Now, we are going to give you an example of HTML tag.

How HTML tags look like?

Each HTML tags are wrapped up within < > less than and greater than brackets. For example, you can give bold style to a text using the <b> tag. All the HTML tags are properly closed by applying forward slash to ahead of HTML tags for better HTML. For example </b>. In between <b>…..</b> tag you can write any text which you want in bold.
Note: All the HTML tags are written within <html>…</html> tag. It is a main tag to start HTML language. For example
<b> This is My First HTML Page </b>. The output is like This is My First HTML Page.
Same like <b>…</b> tag. There are lots of tags and attribute in HTML language which gives a proper formatting and skeleton to your website.
Nowadays, The Ratio of websites developing is increasing day-by-day. Due to increasing the number of websites brings new versions of HTML with new features and elements to provide more flexibility and security to websites. The current version of HTML in Market is HTML5.

What is the new element in HTML 5?

New Elements have been introduced in HTML 5. Below you can see some elements of HTML 5.<article> : This tag represent an individual content of a document. such as a newspaper.

<audio>: You can easily upload one or more audio files to your website.

<canvas>: for graph or games, you can use this tag for rendering dynamic bitmap graphics.

<video>:  you can upload or define one or more video files to your website.

<embed>: It defines external applications content like a plug-in.

<header>: It defines a header for a document. It is a revised structure of <div id=”header”>.

<footer>: It defines a footer for a document or a web page. It is a revised structure of <div id=”footer”>.

<mark>: You can mark or highlight text using this HTML 5 tag.

<nav>: It defines navigation links in the document. It is revised structure of <div id=”menu”>

<time>: you can put time/date to your site.

Above you have seen about HTML and its necessity to make a website. If you are interested in learning HTML 5 with best examples. Then here, you will get some of the best HTML Tutorials. It is available in PDF format so, you can easily download offline and learn HTML whenever you want.

Here, top four HTML Tutorials PDF for users who want to make a website with the help of HTML.

1. HTML Tutorials PDF by Tutorial Point

Tutorial Point is the best online source to learn HTML Language. This HTMLTutorial is designed for web developers who needs to a proper guidance on HTML tutorial. It will help web designers and web developers to create a website with a decent look. This HTML pdf contain HTML examples along with theoretical which can be helpful for novice users to practice on HTML language more and more.
To Download HTML Tutorial by Tutorial Point. Please Click Here

2. HTML Basic Tutorials PDF for beginners

If you are a novice to HTML Language and want to learn. but you don’t know which book is best to learn HTML. Here, you will get best Basic Tutorial on HTML Language which will give users a complete guidance of all necessary tags and attributes of HTML in sweet and short user-friendly languageIt is available in PDF format. So, you can download it and learn anytime when you want.
To Download Basic HTML Tutorial. Please Click Here

3. HTML Tutorials PDF

This PDF only contains all HTML tags which can be most useful to beginners users. It is specially designed for giving all HTML tags, attribute, and types at one place. It will explain each HTML tag with example and output. So, It will be the convenience for beginners users. This tutorial is available in PDF format. You will gain an understanding of all HTML tags after completing the tutorial.
To Download HTML Tutorial PDF. Please Click Here

4. HTML 5 Tutorials PDF by Tutorial Point

HTML 5 is the latest version of HTML which supports graphic elements, multimedia elements, and date and time elements, etc. This HTML Tutorials PDF includes HTML 5. So, You will learn all new elements of HTML 5 from this tutorial. It is available in PDF format for easy learning and practice. It is also covering each and every new concept of HTML 5 along with an older version of HTML with examples and output.
To Download HTML 5 Tutorial by Tutorial Point. Please Click Here
Hey! It was best HTML Tutorials PDF. Hope you enjoyed and liked it. We have worked very hard to make the article on HTML Language. If you liked our effort and collection of HTML Tutorial which is in the format of PDF. Then do not forget to share it with your friends who want to learn HTML. You can also make a comment on this article below in comment section.


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