Top # 10+ Android Programming PDF Tutorials

Android Programming PDF: Hey! Are you in search of Android Programming Tutorials? If yes, then your wish will be fulfilled here. You will get some of the best tutorials on Android Programming in the medium of PDF.

Android Programming PDF Tutorials

Android Programming PDF
Android Programming PDF

We are going to explain everything about Android for those users who are a novice to Android and want to learn Android Programming for developing Android Applications. Below are some of the best about Android which you need to know before you start learning Android Programming.

What is Android?

  • Android is a popular open-source Operating System for mobile devices. It was developed by Android. In 2005, it was acquired by Google.
  • Android Kernel was built in Linux Operating System which is also open source.
  • Google uses Android Open Source Project to create an Android Version.
  • It is user-friendly Operating System. Hence, Nowadays Many people are using Android mobile phones. Android has the largest audience due to its features, flexibility and User Interface (UI).
  • Android OS mostly comes pre-installed on a variety of Smartphones and tablets along with Google open source services such as Search, YouTube, Google Map, Gmail and more.

Advantages of Android System

  • Android is an open source operating system so, a manufacturer can easily customize user interface (UI) of the software and create their modified system based on the Android Kernel.
  • Android mobile devices come with pre-installed Google Market which is known as Google Play or Play Store. The Google play store has millions of Application, Games, Books, Movies, Music, and more. So, Android users don’t need to go anywhere to download or purchase applications. They can directly obtain varieties of apps and games from Google Play Store.
  • Android is also the fastest growing Operating System in the world of Smartphone devices. So, Android Developer can have more chances to develop more applications for Android devices due to increasing the number of users.
  • Due to Multitasking feature of Android. Users can do multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Android Operating System also has enormous widgets which give a great look to User Interface (UI). Application’s Widget helps users in doing multitasking. Today’s many Android applications are being developed with their widget due to make an experience of users much better.
  • Android gives a great feature to its users to see all notifications, messages, and much more without opening it.
  • The most significant advantage of Android devices is that Google is persistently working on Android Versions to provide new versions of an Android system with latest User Interface (UI) and improve security patch than other Operating System like iPhone, Microsoft, etc.

Now a day, Most of the people are using Smartphones and Tablets which comes with Android Operating System for their routine tasks such as Surfing, Chatting, Sending and receiving E-mails, and much more. Hence, there will be necessary lots of Android Applications to the increasing number of users to Android Mobile. So, it is beneficial for Android Developer to develop more Android Applications for Android Users as well as Android Games to provide entertainment to Android Users.Today’s, Demand of Android Programmers are increasing day by day than other programming language owing to tackle developing lots of Android Applications to its increasing number of Android Users. So, a requirement of Android Developer will be increasing in future.

If you want to learn Android Programming, then this is the best place for you which give you best tutorials and books on Android Programming in the medium of PDF. So, you can easily download it and learn Android Programming from it.




Android Programming is entirely based on Java Language. So, before starting Android Programming, you must have the basic knowledge of JAVA Programming and Object-oriented concept. If you don’t have the knowledge of Java Programming Language, then do not worry about it. You can easily get and learn Java from our tutorial of Java Programming which will give you a complete knowledge of Java. Our Java tutorial will also help you to learn Android Programming easily.

Here are best 10+ Android Programming PDFs for beginners and experienced users.

 1. Android Programming PDF for beginners

Author: Randeep Bhatia
If you are a beginner to Android Programming and worry about which books is best to commence Android Programming then this PDF is especially for beginners which teach you the very fundamental topics of Android like installing and How to set up Eclipse? (It is one kind of Android Development Tool), How to setup SDK within Eclipse, Android Basics, and Programming Basics, etc.
It covers all the essential topics of Android from Installing to basic programming knowledge. Therefore beginner Android users can start building simple Android Applications.



 2. Android Programming PDF by Tutorial Point

Tutorial Point is the best source for learning Android Programming online. It gives a complete guide to Android Programming. It is for beginner users as well as experienced users. Android Programming Book PDF by Tutorial Point is also available in PDF format. So, users can easily learn by just downloading it.
This Android Programming Tutorial by tutorial point will teach users Android Programming from very basic level to advanced level concept of Android.


Android Programming PDF by Tutorial Point


 3. Android Programming PDF by Chryssa Aliferi

It is another best book for online learning Android Programming. This Android Programming Cookbook contains all such fundamental topics of Android as well as Advanced level topics. It will teach users each and every topic with examples. So, Users can understand each and every concept of Android in a better way and Practice the Android Program.


 Android Programming PDF by Chryssa Aliferi


 4. Android Programming PDF for Professional by Reto Meier

If you are experienced users or Android Developer and want to go advanced level in Android Programming, then it is recommended to refer this tutorial of Android Language. This tutorial is based on Android Programming Advanced concepts such as working in the background Services, Network Interface, Wi-Fi Interface and more.
This Android Programming by Reto Meter is also available in PDF format. So, Users can easily save and learn Android Programming and use it in future whenever they want.


 Android Programming PDF for Professional by Reto Meier


5. Android Programming PDF Beginners by Kevin Grant and Chris Haseman

This tutorial will give you a plenty Collection of Android Programming Language. This Android Tutorial PDF will teach users such important core concept of Android like Activity Lifecycle of Android, Create User Interface, Work with SQ Lite database, Adapter Class, and ListView, etc


Android Programming PDF Beginners by Kevin Grant and Chris Haseman


6. Android Programming PDF Dummies by Donn Felker and Joshua Dobbs

Dummies book is one of the well- known book for some programming language including Android Programming. It is specially designed for beginner users. It is also available in the form of PDF for better learning Android Programming. This tutorial consists of best examples on each topic. So, users will get practical knowledge of Android Programming along with theoretical knowledge.

 Android Programming PDF Dummies by Donn Felker and Joshua Dobbs

7. Android Programming PDF Tutorial by Commonsware

This tutorial of Mark L. Murphy will give you step-by-step guidance on core topics of Android which can be more helpful for developing any application. You will gain the practical knowledge of Android along with theoretical knowledge after completion of the tutorial.



Hey! It was a great collection of Android Programming for users who learn Android Programming. It may be novice users or Experienced users. Hope you would have liked our Android Programming PDF’s collection. If you liked it, then don’t forget to make a comment on this article in the comment section below. You can also share it with your friends. It will surely help to learn Android Programming with lots of Android examples.




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