#13 Best Free Music Download Apps For Android Smartphones 2017

Free Music Download Apps For Android Smartphone: Hey there are you looking for apps and website from where you can download songs, music and videos? then you are at the right place, we Hack For security have listed out top 13 apps and websites from where you can download free music, videos and songs on your android device. Today you will learn how to download music to your phone using some of the best android application.


13+ Free Music Download Apps For Android Smartphone

Free Music Download Apps For Android
Free Music Download Apps For Android

According to studies most people uses their smartphone for Taking pictures, Social networking and for listening music so, we have decided to give you the list of Free Music Download Apps For Android smartphone.


Music heals our soul. It is a medium of expressing our own perceptions, art and culture. There are very rare of us who doesn’t like music. Most of us love listening to music, singing and dancing on the beats.


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Some people are very addicted to music and that is the reason why!  we always try to find free music downloading facility. In this digital world it’s really very easy to download music for the great music experience. We may go for streaming music online or download using applications or sites.


In the earlier days of internet, first you had to download music on your computer and then transfer the downloaded music files to your Android smartphone or tablets and other devices. But now the scenario is totally different and technology makes it more easy and accessible.


Technology is providing us a pleasing experience of listening to our favorite music. Now when we have high speed internet connections so it is convenient to listen music on your mobile device and also you can easily download the music directly to your device, no need to transfer it from your PC or laptop. There are numerous free apps available which allows you to download your favorite music albums.


Free Android Apps to search and download free music on android.


Storing and downloading the music in Android deices are now very easy. Because the most beneficial part of smartphone is that it allows us to keep our favorite stuff inside the device such as music, pictures, files etc.


Here is a list of some applications which are good to find and download free music, as per our choice.

1. 4Shared music:

4Shared Music is very popular and one of the best application for the music lovers to download music free of cost for android. It is undoubtedly one of the best place for music downloading  . As it provides a numerous other features, you can create playlist in this app and it provides enormous library of free music. You can also get the benefit of radio station in the app.
Now uploading and downloading of new songs to your device is too simple. You just need to register an account with “4Shared Music”, and you will get up to15GB offree cloud to store music in your 4Shared music account.



2. Free Mp3 Downloads:

Free Mp3 is considered as one of the best and among the topmost Mp3 music downloading app for android users.
It is very easy to download your favorite song using this free Mp3 music downloading app. You just need to search the music you want and you will find your music in the search result. Tap on the song that you want to download and the app automatically create a folder “music-free Mp3 downloads” on your SD card.


You can reach your downloaded songs directly from your SD card and use the embedded music player of the app to listen songs & you can also use your phone’s music player to listen your downloaded songs.



From the “Listen” tab you can listen the songs that are licensed as “free to use”.


3. Google Play:

The Google Play Music is a music streaming service, which is provided by Google
itself. It is also Google’s music marketplace where music lovers can find free music and songs, even albums for free downloads. It is the by default app on the Android smartphones.
The interface is modern and easy to navigate just like Google’s other application. It
also allows you to create playlist and custom radio station. These radio stations have no skip limits. You can also use it’s cloud storage service to listen music offline. This app is also one of the great music player on android devices.


4. Gtune Music Downloader:

Gtune is a simple MP3 downloader which helps to browse lots of tracks using some
inbuilt tabs like “best hiphop” and “weekly hits”. That will give you numerous choice for song downloading. This is a complete package of online music. You can also get the lyrics also when you goes on and best part of it is, you can download it from the track running and assign it for the particular person.
There are Millions of songs available in the app. This app includes editing features like cut and splice. So you can easily be able to edit out some parts of the song you don’t like and can create your own ringtone.

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5. Ganna:

Ganna is fantastic free music app for android. Millions of amazing songs are available in this application. It provides you free unlimited access to all your favorite songs, Bollywood music, Regional music & Radio Mirchi(radio channel) on your smartphone.


You can easily download and directly listen the songs. It has plenty of collection from new songs to old classic, and many more like Romantic Hits, Sad Songs, Bhangra, Devotional, Rock, Gazals & Bhajans. All this you can enjoy in Hindi, English, Bengali, Panjabi, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Bhojpuri and Oriya songs for free.

6. Simple Mp3 Downloader:

Simple Mp3 Downloader the name itself says that it allows you to download Mp3 files easily. It is one of the great app for the music lovers because the application is simple and convenient for downloading and streaming music.Here you can easily get tons of songs you want to listen, within the swipe of finger’s reach. The only thing that you have to do is just type the name of the songs or artist, search it and click on the song that you want to download.


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After selecting the song of your interest, you can choose between downloading it directly to your device’s memory or you can choose the option of streaming it from the application itself, without downloading anything.
It has large collection of songs in various genres, artists and albums. You have an easy and simple way to download your favorite songs by simple tap in Mp3 format to your Android smartphone or Tablet.

7. Music Download Paradise:


Music download paradise is a crowd-pleasing and sound search engine for android users.
It has very simple and basic interface which lets you search out everything from sound effects to ringtones and other short clips, which consist of search function and a library where you can store the music.


The very interesting thing about this application is that, the app comes with free music player and a music download manager that supports multiple downloads simultaneously.

Music download paradise is also relatively simple to Navigate. Once launched in your device, It will, be by default in the search tab. Search field will be at the top, Type in the title, artist, or album of the song in the search field, and tap the magnifying glass icon to begin the search.
®   A list of songs matching the keywords you entered will
be displayed.
®   You just need to select the song of your choice and
you have an option to play the song or download it.


iTube Mp3 Music Download is a simple and best free music app for music lovers. You
can easily download Mp3 files and other music files direct to your android device. This app lets you download free music at very high speed, to get the best results, you need a fairly good internet connection.

The key features of this application are search by artist or song name, preview and save Mp3 and save online lyrics. You can set as ringtone, notification or alarm, and also add to playlist your favorite songs. Since, they don’t have any of the copyrights of  music, so they allows you to download music on your Android smartphones only from  the public domains.



9. SuperCloud song Mp3 Downloader:


SuperCloud song Mp3 Downloader is another good free music android application. It is quite powerful and efficient mp3 downloader, it allows you to quickly download thousands of songs to your Android device.


It is really an amazing app, it looks quite ordinary but the features of the application are very powerful. If you don’t want to download, you can stream the tracks online and even the 2G user can take benefit, as here they can smoothly get the favorable music. No lag and no buffering as it runs quite smoothly.


The main thing about application is that, it is a search engine and downloader at the same time. It operates on the cloud, so everything is too fast here and whatever you want to download will automatically be added to your device’s
media library.


10. RokyMyRun:

As the name of the app sounds “RockMyRun” it is an app that is meant to “Rock Your Run” means it not only for mind refreshment but helps to shape the body with proper workout with extremely effective soundtracks. Most effective feature of this app is that, user can download favorable tracks for offline playback and  my beat feature helps to create automatic playlist which is suitable for your work style. This app will motivate to strengthen your body with enjoyable manner.


11. Advanced Download Manager:

Advance download manager is truly advance as per its name and very much useful in downloading music with the special settings of less data consumption. It allows multiple downloading of mp3, mp4 in similar duration of time.
This is a download manager app which gives speed download for the track you searched form the browser. It is known with the tagline of ADM which relates with advancement of organizing the playlist with all downloads. You can feel the beauty of music without limiting data speed even in multitasking downloads.


12. Omega Mp3 Download free:

This is also another music downloading android app with its unique features. Which allows to listen music in background with special option of selected music downloads. You can easily download your favorite music with 2G/ 3G/ 4G Lte and in Wi-Fi. In built option of searching makes the way easier for music lover and contribute them rocking experience of downloading.

13. Saavn:


This is the best music downloading app for Indian music lovers with different regional songs. User can easily get the choice from Bollywood, Hindi and English songs even with easy access of all Indian radio stations from anywhere. This app is also easy to use, go to search and find your favorite music and download it.


You can manage all your favorite songs in your playlist to hear as per convenient order. You can even get the most
classics as well as newest songs. This is actually a perfect app of downloading music.

After analyzing many more free music download app, the list for free music downloads from android was prepared to download good quality Mp3 songs. Using this you can download songs for free.

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