Top 3 ways to Backup Your Entire Android Device to PC

How to Easily Backup Your Entire Android Device to PC

How to Easily Backup Your Entire Android Device to PC
How to Easily Backup Your Entire Android Device to PC
In our day to day life, we create lots of memories like photos, text messages, contacts, valuable data and much more. It became heartbroken if your device an or you lost any of your data. It is necessary to prevent it before it lost but now it’s not too difficult to back up your data. 
There are numerous ways to back up your data. You can easily get all your data back in your to PC or cloud. You can back up your data on Windows PC using the Android SDK Tool, for to backup using applications you can transfer almost all your data automatically into your new handset, just require to logging your account in which you take your backups are stored in the cloud. 

Here are some simple ways on how to backup your entire data:
1. Backup of data on Windows PC using Android SDK Tool
  • If you already have an Android Studio, then you can use that else install latest version of Android SDK Tool. Open and select “SDK Manager.” Check Android SDK Platform –tools” and install the package.
  • Launch SDK Manager, check the option “Android SDK Platform-tools,” and then select “Install x packages…..” 

  • Go to the “Settings” on your Android device, select “About phone/tablet.”
  • Seven times Tap “Build number” till it says “You are now a developer.
  • Again in under “Settings” go to the “Developers Options,” set “USB debugging” to “ON”.
  • Using USB cable plug in your Android device to your computer.
  • Open a command as an administrator or terminal prompt and navigate to where ADB tools. It is placed under “C: Users username AppData Local Android sdk platform-tools
  • You can select one of this commands, according to the type of information you’d like to backup.

  1. Abd backup all – for System data, app data but not the apps themselves. By default saves device data to the platform-tools folder as backup.ab.
  2. A transition backup -all -f C:filenameichoose.ab – Same as above only you can set your location for saving the backup file.
These are some other switches which you can use the command:

<> -apk – Backs up your apps.
<> noapk – Does not backup apps.
<> -shared – Backs up data on the SD card.
<> -noshared – Does not backup data on the SD card.
Type a command of your choice and press Enter. The following screen should appear on your device.
  • Give a password for your backup. This password is required if you want to restore your data in the future. Click on Backup my data and the data should start transferring.
2. Backup of Data using Applications

You can get all your data back through many third party apps which are available in the market. Some of the application helps you to backup your Android device to PC with just one click.

TunesGo Android Backup this is one of the best backup tools, the one-click backup facility is the best part which made this smart tool as the perfect tool for backup. You can easily get the backup of all your data. Transition of data between cross platforms is very is and smooth, which is another great option for the tool.
These are some simple steps for to back up your Android device to PC.
  • Download and install TuensGo Android backup software on your PC.
  • Connect Android device to PC using USB cable.
  • Click on Toolbox tab. To backup, your important files to PC click on Backup Device, in the backup and restore section.

  • By default, all data on your device that can be backed up are ticked. Select all those contents of which you want a backup from Android phone to PC. 
3. Backing up to the cloud

Cloud backups are a quite good option to backup all your data regularly. Cloud backups are an excellent alternative to traditional off-site backups. Cloud storage allows you to upload and backup the contents of your Android to an online source, so you can quickly restore your data. You just need to log in your Account with your new device.
  • Open your phone, go to Settings select Accounts & sync.
  • In ACCOUNTS, click on “Auto-sync data.” Then tap on Google, and choose the Gmail ID you used to sign onto the phone.
  • Turn on all the options so that all the information relating Google get synced to the cloud. Including contacts, app data, events, chrome tabs, Your Google Fit data and more.
  • Again go to the Settings click on Backup & Reset.
  • Check Backup my data.
Now all your phone’s settings, app data and even Wi-Fi passwords to your Google account are saved and secured. When you want your data back in any other device, you have to sign in using this Google account. All your phone contacts, preferences, and photos, etc. will be imported automatically. 
These are different methods for backup your phone to PC. Apart from these are so many other applications which are very easy and quite useful, and will definitely secure your valuable collection. You can also take backup of your data manually. Only you just connect your phone with your computer using USB cable. Now, copy your phone’s data and paste it in the computer. It is better to save all your data before you lose.

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