Where Can I download free eBooks For My Nook or Kindle?

We all need some entertainment on our daily commute. The best option for travelers to stave off tediousness is the excellent book, even though games and movies are fun, but there has never been a better time to be a traveling bibliophile. With the advent of eBook readers and tablets, we can read any book without carrying a heavy weight of the book, as we all know bringing more than 2 books is quite cumbersome. With the proper use of technology, you can carry hundreds of books with you. Using e-Reader, you can almost instantly have any book you want in the palm of your hands.

Where Can I download free eBooks For My Nook or Kindle?

Where Can I download free eBooks For My Nook or Kindle?
Where Can I download free eBooks For My Nook or Kindle?

We have some small hand-held devices available mainly for reading books like Kindle, Kobo, and Nook, etc. these devices providing an option of free eBook. It’s not too easy to find free eBooks. So here you will get some excellent options for starting your own library, and you need not require to spend a single penny. 
Download free eBooks using Google Books:

Google Books is one of the best and the biggest source for the free digital library. It provides reference pages for each and every book so you can find easily and quickly all kind of information relating to book and reviews for that. In Google books, book search works similarly as web search.
1. Go to the books.google.com.
2. There is a search books option, select the Advanced Book search link below the search box.
3. Enter the title for searching the book and select the radio button of Full view only. If you do not choose the full view option, you will get partial books and samples. Full view only option will help you to search entire books. 
4. Erstwhile you’ve selected the book of your choice, you will get an option in the upper right corner of the screen. Here you will have a choice of EPUB or PDF format for downloading the ebook. Once you download the book, you can transfer the file to your Nook using a USB connection to your computer.  
Download free eBooks from Amazon top 100 free
Amazon has a list top 100’s of classic free books for Kindle users, some of them are amazingly good. There are numerous ways to add a book of your choice to Kindle e-reader or tablet app:
1. First of all, you need to sign in with your Amazon account. This device/app is given a particular email address, send a file to this email address is the most popular way. You can find it in the settings section.
2. Mac and windows provide the option of Send to Kindle application, you can also get it for Chrome and Firefox browsers. The browser extension helps you to add web content, and the desktop version allows you to add files stored on a computer disc.
3. Using cloud storage services like Dropbox is also a good option, you can upload the file to it from your computer, and use Dropbox on your device for to download a file to Kindle app.
4. For the users of Kindle e-reader – connect kindle to the computer and drag the files into the documents folder inside the Kindle disc image.
5. If Kindle app is already installed in your smart gadget, you will be able to add the file to it. You will get a list of application on your one tap. If you get files in a portable format, it will be better to go with the Kindle app. 
Download free eBooks :- Barnes & Noble Free Nook Books:
Barnes and Noble is a store for e-book reader based on Android platform; it also provides a section for free e-books.  You can browse the free books by searching through the categories/ subjects, such as fiction, nature biography, and poetry, romance, etc. even you can find the most popular books. Here you will get an option of the filter so you can find the results according to the age to only show books suitable for teens or younger.
Download free eBooks Planet eBook:
Planet eBook is a home for great free classic literature, it has 80+ free classic books for download. They offer a variety of classic books and novels in electronic form so you can easily share with your friends and classmates or colleagues.
It is very easy to get free books from Planet eBook. First of all, go to the site planetebook.com, you will get to see the popular free books and list of all free literature for download. Select the book you want to download, here you can see the book with the name of the author and the year in which the book the book is published, including the other details like pages and size of the e-book and some synopsis of the book. After selecting the book, you just need to click on Download Free. 
ManyBooks is the place where you can easily download books in the EPUB format to your Nook. It is such a marvelous place for finding thousands of amazing free Nook books. It has the broad selection of free books and even for downloadable formats. 
ManyBooks has a section for popular and recommended books. You have to search through these free Nook books by title, author or language. You also have an option of categories like Cooking, Art, Health, Young Readers, Psychology, Business, Computers and much more. 
You will get updates from Twitter and Facebook pages of ManyBooks, and also you can sign up with your email address to get an email for updates. 
Here are few options for free ebook reading on the Nook. So now you help download any book. Hopefully, these sources help you to download free eBooks for your e-reader or tablet/ smartphone. Books are uniquely portable magic, so enjoy reading books on your smartphone/ tablet or e-reader.

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