How to Enable or Disable Data Roaming on iPhone 7

It is genuinely very important to understand the “Data Roaming” and how to enable or disable data roaming on your iPhone, instead of considering the outrageous excess loss of data due to roaming and then describe the stories relating to Data Roaming charges you had to face. It is better you take care prior to the damage is done on your wallet.

Enable or Disable Data roaming on iPhone 7

How to Enable or Disable Data Roaming on iPhone 7
How to Enable or Disable Data Roaming on iPhone 7

What is Data Roaming?

Technically Data roaming is your iPhone’s use of data packets outside your permitted area like in other states where service providers tariff plans are different then it is in your state or area. iPhone is said to be in Roaming mode when it connects to the cellular tower outside your permitted zone and a user is able to surf the internet, refresh social media feeds, download email, and music while out of the zone.
It is quite significant for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus users to know about, how to Disable and Enable data roaming on their device. First of all, you need to know, why you want to enable or disable data roaming. The reason is that your iPhones are permanently connected to the internet so you could use data without realizing it. If you use data on your phone when you’re abroad, you will be charged standard roaming rates, so it is necessary to stop from being charged lots of money when you travel to another area within the same country or travel outside the country.
Why it is required to Enable or disable Data Roaming?

We all are aware that data roaming charges will increase phone bill by hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Roaming charges is not only for your data usage but you also have to pay extra money for the call, text messages and all the other activities on your iPhone that makes you connect to your cellular data.
Don’t forget to disable data roaming while you are traveling internationally for avoiding your enhancing phone bill due to roaming and you can enable data roaming of your phone when you need cellular data or if you already have international plan with your carrier than no need to worry about extra charges, turn on data roaming, along with any other settings.
How to enable or Disable Data Roaming on iPhone 7

These are some of the steps for enable or disable data roaming on iPhone 7 iOS 10 version. 
Method 1:- 
1. Tap on the ‘settings’ App from the home screen of your iPhone.

2. Next, tap on Cellular.
3. Select ‘Cellular Data Options’.

4. Set ‘Data Roaming’ on your iPhone by toggling Data Roaming to OFF (white) from its current ON (Green) setting, as it is desired for to disable the data roaming.
Method 2:- 
1. Hold down the Home button of your iPhone to bring up Siri.
2. Tell Siri to ‘Turn Cellular Data ON’ or ‘Turn Cellular Data OFF’ according to your requirements.
Disabling Data Roaming will restrict your email, web browsing, and push notification etc. Still, you can use the features of your iPhone outside the country using WiFi. You can use apps like WhatsApp, Skype etc. over a WiFi connection and stay in touch with your near and dear ones. After disabling cellular data on your iPhone, you just need to make sure that all the data usage applications on your iPhone are restricted to WiFi only and no cellular data is used by your iPhone.
Note: – International or out of area text messages on your iPhone will also be disabled on Disabling the Data Roaming.

Hope you all liked the insights on the topic of data usage while roaming in iPhone!

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