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How to Keep Screen ON in Pokémon Go on iPhone and iPad

How to Keep Screen ON in Pokémon Go on iPhone and iPad

Apple iPhone devices is the most successful launch in the history of the smartphones, but while dealing with the settings of the iOS your aptitude will get somewhat perplexed.
Pokémon GO is this year’s phenomenal and biggest launch in mobile games by Niantic. Pokémon GO Nintendo’s ever-popular title. People’s obsession for the Pokémon are on sky high this days. Like other mobile games, this mobile game can’t be played quietly and anonymously in the privacy of your own home or cubical. Pokémon GO is an extreme fun experience. 

 How to Keep Screen ON in Pokémon Go on iPhone and iPad
 How to Keep Screen ON in Pokémon Go on iPhone and iPad
In new grand Pokémon Go, the game lovers facing the trouble for how to keep the screen ON. This is little bit irritating while playing the game that you just for some minutes and your screen of the iPhone gets OFF due to time-out. Users often face interruption of keeping their screen ON. Mostly newbie’s to Pokémon Go regularly face the interruption that was harder to deal with rather than catching Pokémon and getting free Poke-Coins was keeping the screen on. It is rather annoying when iPhone frequently gets auto-lock after the time-out, and as a result player will miss out on catching a Pokémon, and they would no longer be able to continue.

iOS allows you to keep the screen ON of your iPhone as long as you want. For those gamers who don’t want any sort of disturbance, while playing most of their favorite games it is better to keep the screen of their iPhone stir to continue to enjoy the game without any problem.
Use battery saver option to keep the screen ON in Pokémon

Catching Pokémon is delightful but when its screen turn off while playing is bit annoying, so to keep the screen ON while playing your favorite game use battery saver option in the Pokémon Go that not only just keep the screen ON but also prevent the game from draining the battery of you device.
To activate the battery saver option of your Pokémon Go.
  • Tap on settings from the top right corner of the game.
  • Then toggle on the Switch next to the battery saver option.
  • You just require to turn your phone upside down.
  • Then the screen of your phone dims to almost black.
  • Your device will give vibration alert when a Pokémon appears to you or even when you are near to poke-stop.
This battery saver option in game is not perfect solution when you wants to check your direction and you need to hold your screen up, for that it doesn’t help you.
Luckily, we have one other pretty simple way to keep the screen ON while playing this new fantastic game and it will never let the screen off at the time of playing game. This is the no-brainier tip with gaming fanatics.
This are the very easy setting of your iPhone, and will surely help you to keep the screen ON while playing the Pokémon Go in your iPhone and iPad.
Step 1. Go to the settings app on your iOS device.
Step 2. Click on General.
Step 3. Now, you need to tap on Auto-Lock in iPhone settings.
Here you have so many alternatives, which you can prefer for to keep the screen lock on.
Step 4. You have got nearly seven different options to choose from.
  • 30 Seconds      
  • 1 Minute    
  • 2 Minutes                                               
  • 3 Minutes                                                    
  • 4 Minutes                                                   
  • 5 Minutes                                                   
  • Never                                               
Step 5. Set the time (it’s better to set never at the time of playing the game)
While playing the Pokémon Go, you just need to choose the option Never for to keep the screen infinitely ON.
Auto-locking your iPhone or iPad will help you to keep your screen always ON.
Now you can easily enjoy your favorite Pokémon Go exclusive of any interruptions. This new mesmerizing game will definitely amuse you and you can certainly enjoy in your free time with much more fun.
With these above mentioned information, user can enjoy Pokemon go even more and it will also be helpful to expand their knowledge. It also provides guidance to short out some queries related to Pokémon go in iPhone and in iPad as well. Hope you like it.
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