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9 Best iPhone Photo Apps to Get Your Hands on Now

9 Best iPhone Photo Apps to Get Your Hands on Now

The perfect place for artists to find inspiration.

We all love to capture the best memories for a  long time, we always like to memorize the special moments. Clicking images is the best option, it is the way which help to recall all your best moments and you can also keep it safe for many years. sometimes when a perfect happy moment with your family or friends is devastated, just because of an extra light, red light or a fog, it is very irritating, so to resolve such issues.

“The history of time is captured by poet, artist, writer, and photographer!”

The list of applications are available over here:-
1. VSCO:- VSCO stems for visual supply co. this is the app which allows you to set the focus and exposure independently as well as helps you to adjust the straighten, fade, vignette, crop, focus, brightness level, size, temperature, contrast, saturation, and pretty much all the basic editing tools. The user can edit and adjust their photos with ease. VSCO cam yields elegant results previously unattainable on the iPhone and iPad.

2. Instagram:- Instagram is a simple and classic app for all the casual photographers or for those who want to take baby steps, this is a great start. There are plenty of filters available such as intensity, saturation for perfect click, brightness, contrast, tilt shift, tones and can also sharpen the image. Editing will be an all new art with free custom designed filters and another plus point is it has a very huge user community so for any info you can get instant help from your nearest person who shares the passion as you.
3. Camera+:- Camera+ brought the wider range of stabilization and exposure controls. Manual ISO, shutter speed control, focus and white balance, all such  features are offered by camera+ which helps to enhance your artistic endeavors. Advanced tools of camera+ is continuous flash, frontal flash, touch-focus adjustments, 6x digital room, a timer, and preset filters.
Camera+ is a familiar and simple to use user interface having the same feel as of iOS interface.
4. Adobe Photoshop Express:- Adobe provides one of the finest photo editing tool. It has smaller work space than other apps. To edit the photos in adobe Photoshop express is a fun, fast and easy task with a new and fresh looks. The features are really essentials such as crop, straighten, rotate, flip your photos, layer selection tools, it does have option for adding texts, applying effects and blending images. For contrast, exposure, white balance,spots removal, dirt and dust to keep the clicks flawless by just one smart touch. It is really a neat and very useful app for editing photos in your iPhone.
5. Snap-seed:- Snap-seed has a fabulous interface that is swipe based app. For removing some parts of picture you have facility to blur out certain parts of an image not whole image. For adjusting various effects like brightness, contrast, and color there is a swiping rectangle at the bottom of the screen. It is very easy to use the interface of snap-seed, it is simple yet it will get your things done app.
6. Paper camera:- Paper camera is a lighthearted take on your average photo filter app and offers a number of cartoon-style filters, each with a number of sliders that let customize your pictures to your heart’s content. It allows to import and filter your own photos.
7. Life-cake:- Life-cake app helps to create new pictures from old edition pictures. Owner of the app is canon. The user can view ‘stages’ of their child’s life by selecting and comparing different dates, and decide who can view the albums. This app allows you to annotate photos or albums of different stages of life and different duration.
8. Sktchy:- the creator of this app is  Jordan Melnick. This app name only gives idea that it is used for making sketch type pictures it is used for art lovers or we can say who loves to draw. It is unique app that allows comparing different artists depictions of the same subject and so on. Sktchy community grows every day.
9. You-cam Snap:- You-cam snap is different from other apps. It is used for capturing real life photographs of displays, charts, presentations, it helps to  straightens and enhance the photos which can be used as reference material. It is most useful for student for taking proper pictures of notes on a whiteboard and angle of the picture will be automatically adjusted and the notes will come out in a readable manner for further use, which is a very good option of this app.
Above article is for keeping hands on photo apps on iPhone. This will surely help to find better apps at a doorstep. Photo is the thing we all like to treasure it with best shot and best effects available. So, now you are ready to treasure memories. What are you waiting for… take your phone download suitable app and  then just capture the moment and create memories.

 “Snap memorable moments until your thumb goes numb, it is worth it.”

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