#7 Best Ways to FIX Siri Not Working On iPhone

How to Fix Siri Not Working On iPhone: Are you facing any kind of problem with your virtual assistant? We mean that if your virtual assistant siri is not working? then you are at the right place, we Hack For Security have found a solution and it will fix your problem.

 How to Fix Siri Not Working On iPhone

Ways Fix Siri Not Working On iPhone
Ways Fix Siri Not Working On iPhone

What is Siri?

Siri is the apple’s personal digital assistant, It is used to perform tasks through voice, It will respond back to you for the voice command given to it. This feature of the iPhone will make you feel like you have a real person listening to your voice commands and obeying it sincerely. It is like having your own Jarvis.

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Siri will do the things just like a real assistant it will help you to perform task such as calling your friend through voice command, starting music or stopping music, running or killing an application and likewise. Dictation is an inbuilt feature of Siri which enters the text almost everywhere in a very simple way by using your voice, it can be your personal typist who types on your voice commands .

How to use Siri?

It is very easy to activate siri you just press and hold the home button from anywhere on your iPhone or iPad to activate Siri.

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When you get to hear two dings you just release the home button and start dictating to Siri or speak out commands.
If Siri made some mistake or did not recognize your voice or if you have changed your mind then you can also edit a siri question or command with some simple steps.
At the time of using iPhone you might get some unexpected issues. One of the most irritating issue is when Siri does not work properly on your iPhone; this situation is very difficult because you have to use it by touch on your iPhone instead of speaking any commands.
You may be daily using many interesting applications of iPhone ,Siri is definitely one of the most exciting features that iPhone has to offer it’s end users. Siri is the most favorable feature of iPhone that is still not available in android with the accuracy siri does it. It has some precious feature like make call, car play, navigate location, reserve restaurant, movie reviews and  much more.
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How to fix the Siri not working on iPhone

Follow following tips and tricks to fix Siri Not Working on your iPhone.
If siri is not working properly we cannot get the advantage of this precious features, so we have to fix the problem immediately with careful solution.
These are some easiest steps which helps to come out from this issue.
You have to be sure about the accurate connection of internet.
Siri should be enabled from the setting. (Settings > General > Siri)
Check the settings of correct language.
(Settings > General > Siri > Language)

Check out the settings of location and turn it on because some of the Siri features require you to use location services. (settings > location services)

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Try to disable Siri from tap settings and turn off and on your phone, then again try to re-enable Siri.
And if, all these settings do not work smoothly, reset all settings on your iPhone. For resetting all the previous settings; go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings. When you reset your phone, previous settings and preferences will remove automatically but your data like songs and apps will remains the safe.
Siri is definitely a great feature to carry out any task by means of voice commands on iPhone as well as apple iWatch. Initially Siri was working good but if the software command is not proper or there is no perfect pair between apple watch and iPhone language of Siri will have some issues here are some tricks given to you which will help to fix this issue.
Trick 1:- When Siri is working with internet connection, Wi-Fi or cellular data whatever you are using make sure that connection is available accurately as if there will be jitters in sending packets and receiving packets then there are chances that Siri may not produce the best output as there is jitters in the signal received and signal sent.
Trick 2:- Make sure about activation of Siri on your iPhone; if it is already turned on then pause it for a few seconds and then try to re-enable it. Sometimes just doing such small things can result in Siri working exactly it should be.
Go to settings -> general -> Siri -> Turn Siri on
Trick 3:- If your apple watch and iPhone having this issue, disable this pair and pair it again.
For getting smooth settings you have to keep your iWatch close together with your iPhone here are some steps which will be helpful to you.
Keep your iWatch and iPhone closer->Open watch app on iPhone->tap the mywatch tab->tap on apple watch->in last tap on unpair apple watch->tap again to confirm->you might need to enter apple ID password to disable activation lock.
Trick 4:- The easiest way to come out from this issue is to just restart your iPhone and apple watch then pair this both gadgets back.
For restart of iWatch, just press and hold the side button until emergence of power of slider drag the slider on right side and turn it off when you ready to turn back on press and hold the side button until you see the logo of apple.
Trick 5:- Try to reset apple watch and then gain give it a try post resetting your apple watch.
Trick 6:- Check your iPhone as well as apple watch and verify that both are following the same language.
Go to apple watch on iPhone->tap mywatch app->general->language->region
Trick 7:- Try turning on the airplane mode in apple watch and then again try back.

Ensure that there is no such dirt in your iPhone or iPad’s microphone. You will have to clean the device’s microphone using brush, with cotton swabs or to remove any protective case if you use on your device and use Siri again. Your Siri issue might be resolved.I hope that problem in your iPhone regarding the Siri would have been solved post following the steps and tricks mentioned above in this article.




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