Touch ID Not Working in iPhone 6 / 6S Plus ? – [ Here’s a Fix ]

Touch ID is one of the most coolest iPhone feature which will help you to unlock your iPhone with just your finger print isn’t that cool? There can be many reasons why your touch id is not working and here are some of the reasons and solutions for the same which will help you to fix touch id.

Touch ID Not Working in iPhone 6 / 6S Plus ?

Touch ID Not Working in iPhone
Touch ID Not Working in iPhone

Touch ID uses your fingerprint to unlock an iPhone for the better security and hassle free usage. As universally fingerprints are our unique identity so it’s a security measure that Apple has designed to prevent the fraudulent Touch ID sensor from being used to gain access to the device. This uniquely paired Touch ID sensor is designed to keep fraudsters from getting access to your iPhone, collecting fingerprint information, or getting to your Apple pay transaction data.

Reasons of what makes your Touch ID fail or when Touch ID fails to work:

There can be several reasons why touch id is not working…

1. No damp screens or fingers:

Due to change in weather the moisture inside and outside varies a lot and that causes trouble while unlocking a device. It’s not the issue of Apple but it is just because of change in weather. Problem arise even because of fingertip or moisture on phone’s button. Damp finger, moisture, oil, sweat, etc. all of these plays a role in preventing the Touch ID working correctly as it makes the Touch ID confused so iPhone can’t recognize that its you.

2. Touch lightly

When you are going to unlock your iPhone make sure that you are touching your iPhone home button lightly and you are not pressing it harder.

3. Don’t cover Home Button:

If you have bought iPhone then you might have bought some screen protector or a case to protect your iPhone from the damage. Make sure that your screen protector or case is not covering the Home button of your iPhone.

4. Reboot your iPhone

Most of the times whenever your smart device is not working well, just rebooting your device solves the problem and in this case we will go to the settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Enter your Passcode and then simply turn off iTunes & App Store and then reboot your iPhone. Now again go back to the Touch ID & Passcode and re-enter your fingerprint.

5.  Re-enter your Fingerprint

Go to settings > Touch ID & Passcode > Enter your Passcode and then simply remove the fingerprint and re enter fingerprint.

6.  Update your iOS

If the above tricks and techniques doesn’t work then the only solution is you should update your iOS. Go to Settings > General > Software and Update. It will not only fix the touch id issue but it will also fix other problems and will make your device run smoothly.

Potential solutions on how to fix Touch ID not working issue on iPhone 6 6s plus:

First of all make sure that you have all the backup of your data on iTunes or iCloud. If it is already done then try to fix your error using different solutions provided as below.

It is recommended you to soft reset your iPhone. This might fix the issue. For the soft reset, press and hold power + home button for 10 to 15 seconds until your device is turned off then again you will get to see the apple logo on the screen.

You will hopefully see the issue being resolved, once your iPhone is restarted. If still the issue of iPhone’s Touch ID doesn’t work, just turn it off and use pin number or passcode for accessing to your iPhone.

What if the above listed tricks doesn’t work ?

If nothing works from the above tricks then all you can do is contact Apple for help.

Now we hope that you have fixed the Touch ID issues you have been facing because it worked for many people out there.

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