How to Reset iPhone – Step By Step Guide

When you want to reset all your setting in your iPhone or when something went wrong with your iPhone and you want it to be just flawless the way it came from the factory then you need to reset your iPhone or may be when you want to sell your iPhone at that time you have to reset your iPhone to erase all your sensitive and private data and settings. Before you do that make sure you have backup of your iPhone’s data on your pc or icloud.
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There could be many reason to reset your iPhone like its started hanging, its not working properly, you want to speedup your device and or you want to remove all of your data to sell your iPhone. 

How to Reset iPhone – Step By Step Guide

How to Reset iPhone - Step By Step Guide
How to Reset iPhone – Step By Step Guide

Follow the simple steps to Reset your iPhone:

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1. Unlock your iPhone and Go To your Settings and tap on General as shown in image.
Go to General to Reset your iPhone
Go to General to Reset your iPhone
2. Now Scroll Down and you will find Reset option.
Go to Reset
Go to Reset
3. Now just tap on that Reset button and it will show you couple of Reset options available and here comes the tricky part.
List of iPhone Reset Options
List of iPhone Reset Options
Which Option to choose from the above options?
Unlike any other smartphone, iPhone too gives you couple of options to choose from to reset your iPhone and at first sight its confusing, its hard to choose the specific option to Reset Your iPhone and if you are an advance user then you will easily figure out which is the best option for you to reset your iPhone.
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Reset All Settings:
If you want to change your iPhone’s all settings to default settings then you should choose this option. and it will reset all your settings like your Password, Touch id, Ringtone and you have to setup everything after this Reset so make sure you have backup.

When you reset all setting it doesn’t delete any files like image, songs, documents etc, it rolls back all the setting to default setting.

1. Erase All Content and Settings:
When you have decided to sell your iPhone to some another person at that moment you need to take backup of your all the data and erase all your data from your iPhone to make it like a new and then you can sell your iPhone, Else your data can be misused by that person.
2. Reset Network Settings:
When somebody have took your iPhone and they may have setup some proxy to connect or to open few blocked sites and when proxy expires, your internet connection stops working and if you are facing any of that kind of issues, like your internet is not working then you should choose this option to reset your  iPhone’s networking settings.
3. Reset Keyboard Dictionary:
When you have to repeatedly use some keyword like your name or something then you need to add that  word or group of words in to the Dictionary and when you want all your original Dictionary at that time you don’t have to reset all your settings, you can just need to Reset Keyword Dictionary. Our keyboard allows you to enter some words in to Dictionary.
4. Reset Home Screen Layout:
If you want to change the Screen Layout to by default layout then and then only you need to Reset your Home Screen Layout.
5. Reset Location and Privacy
When you install new applications in your iPhone it asks you for the permission to access some data like you camera, location, music, gallery etc. If you want to remove all the access of to the applications that  you have provided in the past then simply you can choose Reset Location and Privacy to remove all unwanted permission from your iPhone.
How to Reset iPhone – Step By Step Guide: If you have any queries about resetting your iPhone then feel free to ask and I hope that you have successfully Reset your iPhone after following the above steps mentioned in the article .

So as per your requirement select the method that you find best for you.


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