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Top 7 Reasons Why you should jailbreak your iPhone?

If you are an iPhone user then you might have heard something like jailbreak and if you wanna know what is jailbreak and why you should jailbreak your iPhone then here we hack for security will give you Top 7 Reasons Why you should jailbreak your iPhone.

Jail breaking is the process of removing software restrictions and gaining root access to the iOS operating system that runs on Apples devices, including the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. It is the decrypt that allows developers to access the file system of your device. In facile terms it means that developers can now have access to all the files on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad which means that they can now create apps that can perform task which prior was not possible due to the permission to access that files. These files would normally be hidden and would not be possible to access and edited with a non-jail broken device but this is where jail breaking comes in.

Top 7 Reasons Why you should jailbreak your iPhone

Top 7 Reasons Why you should jailbreak your iPhone
Top 7 Reasons Why you should jailbreak your iPhone

Jail breaking emancipate the device from dependence of Apple as the gracious source of applications, allowing the users to install third-party apps unavailable at the official App Store. Users can also personalize their home screens and modify the advent of icons and menus.
Jail breaking lets you install applications that are not approved by Apple. Some of these apps are the cracked version of the apps on the apple store. Many of this application can be very convenient but they will unfortunately never make it to the App Store due to Apple’s restrictions.

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Here are some of the most compelling reasons to break free of Apple’s control:

1. Rename and Recognize Apps

Jail breaking gives you more freedom over the organization of your apps. You can add an additional row of apps, rename app, adjust icon sizes and even add a more icons to the home screen, which is handier than it sounds. There is a Cydia tweak for that which allows you to easily rename your iPhone app icons directly from Springboard.
After the installation of software follow the steps mentioned below:
  1. Simply tap and hold to enter jiggle mode.
  2. Than tap the icon you want to rename as shown in the screenshot below.

The unsurpassed part thing in this tweak is that it doesn’t install a new app in your springboard or place an icon in the settings app.

2. Make Chrome (or Anything else) Your Default Browser

Google launched Chrome for iOS and we precisely love it. Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t gives you the option to set Chrome or any other third-party applications as the default browser on your iDevice. Jailbreak tweak called BrowserChooser changes all of that. Once it is installed, BrowserChooser adds a tab to your setting app, fixes that by letting you choose from several dozen different mobile browsers, including Chrome, Dolphin, Skyfire, Opera mini and Atomic Web Browser. After setting your new default browser, you’re ready to use as u like. Any links you click from emails or texts will now good to go in the browser of your choice.

3. Change Your Default Email App

Generally people like to use Gmail as the default mail app on their iPhone or iPad, instead of Apple’s iOS mail app. Because Apple’s native mail app is pretty dull and its feature set evolves only gradually. There is a tweak that allows you to change your default app.

4. Tether Your Data Connection To Your Laptop

If you already own an iPhone with an expensive monthly data plan, it isn’t going to be in your best interest to buy data for a second mobile device. So we require tethering. It lets you share your iPhone’s data plan with one or more other devices, including desktop PCs, laptops, and an iPad. 

There are some authorized and unauthorized approaches to tethering like AT&T, sprint etc. which offers an iPhone tethering plan so that you can use your iPhone’s data plan on your laptop and other device.

5. Customize the Look and Feel Of iOS

Image Credit: http://readwrite.com/
Jail breaking will allow you to customize your iOS device in every way possible. You can use winterboard that allows you to transform your iPhone into an Android phone or transform your iPad into a Mac. Tweaks like Springtomize 3 also allows you to customize every aspect of the iOS such as increase the number of apps, give the cool coverflow effects, change the duration of system-wide animation, remove the page limits, customize the default animations, the lock screen, hide icons of stock apps, resize icons and lots more.

6. Beef Up Security

Jailbroken iDevices have more options in terms of privacy and security, although it’s worth nothing that not all of them are necessarily reliable.
The security section of Cydia offers tools that let you lock down media files and individual apps, install key loggers, encrypt messages, remotely track and wipe your iPhone and make it harder to access the device. There are also tweaks that let you use facial recognition to unlock the device or email a photo of whoever keeps trying to guess your password.

7. Multiple Users

iUsers is a jailbreak tweak that will give you the ability to run multiple user accounts on your iDevice. It was designed for iPad, so it works properly there, but if you don’t mind a few quirks you can still use it on an iPhone or iPod touch as well.
There are many more reasons to jailbreak than this. Cydia has thousands of tools and tweaks available and developers are always ready to work hard in coding the next experimental feature. Some are better than others. Some are downright atrocious. A few might screw up your device But the freedom granted to you by jail breaking iOS can be hugely rewarding, not to mention addictive.
In short jail break gives the power to customize iPhone like one can do in android with the smoothness and elegance of apple. 
Note: jail break can compromise your security if any malicious app is installed on your device. So, Be careful about what kind of ios application you install.
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