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OK Google Not Working ? Learn how to fix it

Apple inc provides virtual assistant SIRI to their products like iPhone and iPad and just like that Google have started providing virtual assistant to android users. Virtual assistance is really useful if you really know how to use it, they can set an alarm for you, make a call for you, make a note for you and it can also book a fine restaurant for you, you just need to give specific command to do that.

OK Google Not Working ? Learn how to fix it

OK Google Not Working ? Learn how to fix it
OK Google Not Working ? Learn how to fix it

Sometimes even your personal virtual needs fix. There is a little difference between SIRI and Google NOW, Google Now Helps you to find things online and fix your problems and sometime they need fix too! 

1. Check Language settings

You may have changed your language and may be because of that your OK Google stuck and its not working properly. Google Now listens to only English US, so make sure that your language is English US only.
To change the Language follow the simple steps: 
1.Go TO Settings  
2. Voice 
3. Languages 
4. That will open the list of languages and check the languages you want OK Google To Recognize

2. Check Microphone

Of course, Your microphone should be of good quality and make sure that there is not much noise or your microphone will not work properly and if your smartphone’s microphone is not working then your virtual assistant cannot recognize your command.

3. Check hardware

Sometimes it happens that due to little dust in your microphone, it is not working up to the mark, then again it creates problem with your Google now, So use some kind of safety pin to remove dust so that it can hear you loud and clearly.

4. Check Your Apps

In android phone, most of the apps works in background and some apps makes little or more noise and you may not hear it but it is actually disturbing your Google now assistant, so make sure that any app is not working in background.
We hope that your OK Google is working fine now and if you are still facing problems then feel free to make comments and let us know about it.
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