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How to Recover Deleted Files on Android

Most of the people have been facing this thing with their Android phone and can’t get to recover deleted files on Android. Unlike PC/Laptop, there’s no Recycle Bin or Trash from where we can recover files easily in out smart phones too. Rather than that, we are here discussions about several ways through which one can recover deleted files on Android.
For those, who are not too technical and concerned about it, don’t worry it doesn’t make much difference either your phone is rooted or not.
First thing First:
While attempting something like Data Recovery, always remember to turn off your Wi-Fi/ Mobile Data before starting any processes as well as don’t switch-off your Android phone.

How To Recover Deleted Files on Android:

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android
How to Recover Deleted Files on Android

Here is the best ways to recover deleted files from your android device.

1. Install Undeleter App (For Rooted Devices):

The simplest thing to recover data in rooted Android device is to use Undeleter, by following steps:
  1. It is easy as well as free to download it. But to actually recover files, you need to pay.
  2. Then Select what you need to Recover: Application Data (for example SMS) or Select Deleted Files (for example Photos/ Videos/ Documents)
  3. After installation, open the app and Grant Root Access.
  4. Choose Storage location from where you want to recover lost data and scan selected location.
  5. After the process completes, you can view recovered files!
  6. Now, if you want to save those recovered files, you need to upgrade it to Undeleter Pro and need to purchase in-app @ $3.99. If you choose to pay, you can also choose to save it in Dropbox or Google Drive.

2. Install Dumpster App:

Dumpster app works just like Recycle Bin for your Android phone. After you install Dumpster it will save all the files which you delete unless you choose to remove them permanently. For using this app, there’s no need to root access. Dumpster is able to save almost all the files including mp4, png, jpg, mp3, wma, pdf, doc, apk, zip and many more. 

Also there are several settings in which you can set to automatically clean deleted files. Basically, Dumpster is free to install as well as recover data but it also provides option to upgrade it to the Premium version for more features as well as ad removal.
3. Use Desktop Application to Recover Files:
There are various desktop applications with which we can recover files on our Android device after connecting it to the PC. Here we are talking about amazing software – Recuva.
Recuva is available for Windows PC as well as it works for External Storage only.
First of all Download Recuva and install it. 
Connect your Android phone to PC through USB cable.
Click on Recuva to run it and then select the file type which you need to recover like Documents/ Pictures/ Music etc.
Then you need to choose the location from where you need to recover data from i.e. of course SD Card but in that too, it allows us to select specific location.
By any chance if, it doesn’t recognize your memory card format, you need to copy all the contents of SD Card to PC and format it as FAT32. Now, again copy those files to the SD Card and then reselect on Recuva.
At last, you need to scan selected location and see your recovered files there!
First copy them into your PC and then copy them to your Android device.
With all of above mentioned various ways, you can recover deleted files on your Android device. All these methods are different but effective. Whenever you find out that you’ve accidentally deleted any of your files you can recover them. But smart choice will be, to get one of these tools right away because you never know when you might accidently go on deleting something!
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