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6 Web Design Mistakes Common in Small Business Websites

Designing is the thing which catches everyone’s eyes. For any website, Web Design is the most important thing after Content and Blogs etc. handful things. For any Small Business Websites, people go on making same Web Design Mistakes. Some of them might even doesn’t even know that they are making these mistakes.
For those Small Business Websites, we are providing helpful points where they might also be making mistakes. Read all these points and then see your website. You might want to change several things from it. It is good to get to know about such mistakes and change those things so that you can attract more of target audience and expand your business.

Web Design Mistakes Common in Small Business Websites:

6 Web Design Mistakes Common in Small Business Websites
6 Web Design Mistakes Common in Small Business Websites
1. Always remember the Target Audience:
Each and every business needs to target their audience to expand their business. While designing any small business website, one needs to keep in mind their target audience. Then only they will be coming towards your website.
The overall design of the website needs to be designed by keeping the target audience in circle. You first need to know, what actually the audience wants then represent it! Simple. Then they will be attracted towards their required products/ functionalities.
For instance, if you are into real estate business, you need to have lost of amazing graphics and professional pictures of buildings etc. to attract your clients.
Also the design of the website should be professional. No one would want their clients to think of their business as unprofessional. The website of your business, is representing your business, is representing you. So of course, it needs to be fully professional.
2. Easy Navigation:
easy navigation
easy navigation
Sometimes due to poor navigation, people tend to be annoyed, and that’s not a good sign.
Navigation of the website, is like you’re giving a tour of your entire business to the clients. So it needs to be easy, professional, smart and enjoyable. Also don’t use so much of flashy animations. Because of that, clients might lose interest and seem that it is totally inappropriate to use such fleshy animations.
When target audience visits your website, they should be feeling excitement to view each and every page of your website. They should be interested into it.
You can navigate them to various pages by naming them a little differently. So they go on assuming what could be there in that page and hence get interested into each and every web page.
3. Wisely Choose the Content:
Content is the thing which attracts the target audience. Content needs to be visually appealing as well as unique. One should always focus on best quality content rather than quantity of the content.
We should always have informative as well as fresh content regarding our business. Also for Search Engine Optimization, we need to SEO the content. So that it can be synced with search engine and get into customer audience’s eyes.
We should regularly keep posting blogs regarding what’s going on in our business/ firm etc. It lets people know more about what we do and what we tend to do at our business. Also it shows latest industry trends, current news related to our field of business etc.
4. Engage into Social Media:
These days, as per current trends – each and every business grows through social media sharing. So as per these popular trends, we should also go on creating related accounts of our business and let people know more about all our products/ functionalities etc.
By doing this, we are inviting target audience to talk to us and through that we can have bonding with them. Also we can keep suggestions side open, so we can also get reviews as well as suggestions regarding provided services.
Famous social media site including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ etc. are very supportive for all types of business. Once you start working out with them, your small business will soon be business giant into your field.
5. Feel Free to Call:
Well, this is not for the business owner but it is for targeted audience. Most small business websites doesn’t actually show any of contact info. This is quite strange. Because how are strangers able to know more about your business of you don’t provide contact details?
For this, one needs to display their contact numbers on their website. And also by providing the contact details, make it interesting by highlighting it.
Try using some catchy word-phrases like:
  • Feel Free To Call Us 24*7
  • Call For a Free Quote Today 
  • Give Us a Call
  • We are just a Call Away 
  • Answer to All your Questions etc.
You need to use such phrases according to your business/ field.
6. Make your Website Responsive/ Improved Mobile Site Experience:
Responsive web design
Responsive web design
These days, everyone owns a smart phone/business phone. They all prefer to visit any website through their mobiles. So it is very important that you have responsive website.
A responsive website is the site which is easily navigated as well as it is friendly and shows all info from mobile/ tablet etc/ devices.
Most of the websites are now responsive because most people don’t go to PC/Laptop but instead view website through their mobile device. It is very convenient to use just a mobile, which is probably always lying in your hands.
All these are most common 6 Web Design Mistakes in small business websites. People, who own such small business, need to be aware of such important things. These are quite common things and mistakes done by people. Hence they need to correct it and then expand your business.
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