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Top 10 Screen Recording Software (Standalone software + Online Utilities) For Windows Mac And Linux

Sometimes, tasks which we think of as very easy, turn out to be tough tasks ever. While we all are focusing so much on hard things, we often forget to think about those tasks which are easy, yet we can’t perform them.

10 Screen Recording Software (Standalone software + Online Utilities) For Windows Mac And Linux

Screen Recording Software (Standalone software + Online Utilities) For Windows Mac And Linux
Screen Recording Software (Standalone software + Online Utilities) For Windows Mac And Linux

Similar things happen with us when we want to share our screen with some of our friends, and we can’t do it easily. But now, we have some amazing tools with which we can record screen and then share it with anyone.
The Screen Recording Software has lots of functionalities. We can do much more with them. Here is the list of Top 10 Screen Recording Software:

1. Ice Cream Screen Recorder:

Ice Cream Apps has developed this Ice Cream Screen Recorder. This is a free tools with which we can do so much. For Windows, we can easily capture screens. Most of all the Windows OS devices can install and run this software and capture screen.
Also with some of their amazing features and tools, we can draw and capture certain areas of the screen. Along with that, there are some features like Project Backup, Hotkey support, Clipboard features etc.

2. Active Presenter:

Active Presenter is amazing tool. It allows us to record big screen. Also they are providing step-by-step instructions for how to capture screen and guides us throughout the recording. Also this is one of the widely used tool among developers.
There are lots of features and tools provided in Active Presenter. It is one of the features why it is widely used by everyone. Such features include Annotations, Callouts, Graphics, Voice over etc. Mainly, Active Presenter is available in 3 different versions Viz. Free, Standard and Professional. We can choose as per our requirement.

3. CamStudio:

Since long time, CamStudio has been everyone’s prime choice. Also CamStudio has record breaking users as well as has broken several records too. Huge numbers of people have downloaded the CamStudio and are happily using it too. There are over 2,00,000 users have downloaded the CamStudio until now.
Also with CamStudio, one can record the screen and also hides the cursor while recording. CamStudio can be easily found, installed as well as used by anyone. It has very simple user interface hence anyone can start using it.

4. SnagIt:

TechSmith has developed SnagIt and has lots of features inside it. Since many years, most of the professionals use SnagIt to record their windows screen. Although SnagIt is one of those Paid Tools, provides amazing features in it.
There are amazing editing tools provided along with cloud integration as well as hot keys support. They also provide pretty good tech support for customers.

5. Jing:

All those people who want great windows screen recording software for free, they should get Jing. It has plenty of features in it for lots of tasks. It has lots of features regarding recording capabilities. Also it provides lots of screen capture options too. Once you get familiar with Jing UI, then it is very easy as well as fast to work with it and record screen.

6. Webnaria:

Next one is Webnaria, again with lots of features for recording screen. With Webnaria, we can record windows screen in various formats. Just within few steps, we can get flv formatted windows screen recording.
Also it allows us to edit the recording with voice guidance. Not the entire screen capturing software provides such many tools to edit as well as record screen within the single software. Webnaria is also one of the widely used by people.

7. Apowersoft:

Apowersoft is online screen recorder. Without any further steps, we can record windows screen with the help of Apowersoft. It allows us to record videos in various formats like MKV, AVI, MP4 and various others.
Also there is one amazing features provided by Apowersoft i.e. we can even record webcam activities too. Not all the screen recording software support lots of formats and features. We can also edit out videos just within few steps.

8. Screenr:

 By the passing of time, Screenr has got huge number of users. With Screenr, we can also capture images along with videos recording. The user interface of Screenr is also quite simple as well as friendly. Also other features from Screenr include Formatting, Size, Color Palette and much more.

9. Screen Toaster:

Screen Toaster is a useful tool for capturing windows screen performance. Also there are lots of features provided by Screen Toaster. With Screen Toaster we can also record tutorials as well as screen casts.
To have Screen Toaster, we need to have java platform as well as need to be registered. After that, we can start capturing videos and edit them through Screen Toaster.

10. Screen Castle:

Screen Castle is online program to record windows screen. It allows us to record lots of videos, without any limit. Also while capturing screen through Screen Castle, we can maintain the quality of the screen. There are lots of features provided by Screen Castle. We can edit as well as capture screen with amazing tools from Screen Castle.
As we mentioned above, they are the top 10 screen recording software. Other than these, there are various others screen recording software too. We have listed only top 10 software. All of these software have unique features as well as different functionalities inside them.
With these software, we can record screen as well as edit those videos and images. For any non-technical person or even for professionals, these software are very useful.
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