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8 Best Screen Sharing Software for Remote Access, Screen Sharing For MAC and Windows

As technology has taken over into almost all the things, there are lots of advanced ways to complete tasks. We can also share our desktop/ laptop’s screen as well as data with people as we want. There are various ways to do it and some of them are really awesome as well as secure.

Best Screen Sharing Software for Windows And Mac

8 Best Screen Sharing Software for Remote Access, Screen Sharing For MAC and Windows
8 Best Screen Sharing Software for Remote Access, Screen Sharing For MAC and Windows

Most people, who are generally out of town and have to perform a presentation then such screen sharing – remote access software could be very helpful.
Also if you want to share screen with your friends/ family then also it can be very convenient to just install such software and get online with them and share screen.
First of all – What does a Screen Sharing Software Does?

Through screen sharing you can let someone, far from you can show your desktop/ laptop screen in their desktop. There are such screen sharing software available through which you can do so.
Either it’s your meeting, presentation, conference, chat anything can be worked out through this screen sharing software. It is just like your computer is virtually there with someone else, far from you. Even some of these software allow you to share your data or else you can choose to protect it and just show them specific files from your computer.
You can easily share screen of your Computer, Mobile, Windows, iMac, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Android phone etc. You just need to have specific type of screen sharing software with amazing features in it.

Here are some of benefits and features for remotely sharing software:

  • You can arrange a meeting online, even if all the people are not together at one place physically.
  • You can expand your business limits and horizons of success.
  • Such apps transfer data/ files in real time. So you can share data anywhere currently.
  • You just need to have your system/ computer and this software in it. Then you are ready to go!
  • Also now-a-days, these software even support mobile sharing too.
  • And if anytime you have any trouble, you can get 24*7 support.

Best Screen Sharing Software for Windows/ Mac/ Linux:

1. Team viewer:

Team viewer Screen sharing Software
Team viewer Screen sharing Software
Team Viewer is the widely used and preferred software for screen sharing. Until now, they have more than 200 million users worldwide. There are lots of impressive features provided by Team Viewer. There are options for professionals like if you want to Join a Meeting or Host a Meeting.
Also the Team Viewer provides latest features in it as compared to others. There are different use preferences from which you can choose appropriate option like Personal Usage or Professional Usage etc. For any kind of trouble shooting, they are offering 24/7 support for customers.

2. Screenleap:

Screenleap Screen Sharing Software
Screenleap Screen Sharing Software

The screenleap software allows you to get connected through a browser. There is no need to download or keep anything for this, you can share your screen without any of such things.
Basically, you can get free 8 screen trials from Screenleap. After that, you can have paid version. With Screenleap, you can have so many functionalities like Dedicated Servers, Audio Conferencing, Branding, Reports, Meeting Schedule and so many more. In a single plan, Screenleap lets you to share unlimited data through single session.

3. Join.Me:

Join.me Screen Sharing Software
Join.me Screen Sharing Software

Through Join.Me you can share your PC instantly with another PC. It is a free software through which you can get connected with another user. Along with PC Join.Me also allows users to share their smart phone screen just like PCs.
Join.Me has over 30 million users worldwide. Also more of the professional prefer to use Join.Me for their all remote tasks. Through Join.Me you can do Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing, and Easily Connect through Secure connection.

4. Skype:

Skype Screen Sharing Software
Skype Screen Sharing Software

You can make free Video Calls through Skype, anytime. Through various devices including smart phones – Skype is supported. Most of all the operating systems are easily to get connected with Skype. Along with Video Calls, you can also enjoy Video and Image Sharing, Instant Messaging, Screen Sharing, Forwarding Messages, Social Media, Chat and many more.
Also Skype goes on adding more and more features by the passing of time. Most of all these lots of functionalities are only supported by Skype. Also for Video Calling, they are supporting Collar ID.

5. Google Hangouts:

Google’s Hangouts Screen Sharing software
Google’s Hangouts Screen Sharing software

Google’s Hangouts is amazing app/ software. It allows us to enjoy instant messaging as well as video conferencing. It also supports Group Conference as well as Device Synchronization. Also you can let your friends know about it through Hangouts invitation.
Most people using Google’s features must know about Hangouts too. It also allows us to start chatting with more people simultaneously. For other screen sharing software and features, Google’s Hangouts have become quite a stronger competitor with lots of features in it.

6. ShowMyPC:

ShowMyPC Screen sharing software
ShowMyPC Screen sharing software

ShowMyPC is desktop sharing software which allows you some amazing features. Through this, you can reboot your PC which is Remote PC. Also you can access as well as manage many remote PCs through this.
For having all these features, there’s no need to download anything. You just need to access ShowMyPC through your browser. ShowMyPC allows you to work on 20 different meetings at a time. Also you can access unlimited PCs with Help Desk System. There’s easy access to URL for each of these PCs.

7. Mikogo:

Mikogo screen Sharing Software
Mikogo screen Sharing Software

Mikogo allows us to have various feature for our Personal as well as Professional usage. Just like some other sharing software, you can access Mikogo from your PC’s browser. Through Mikogo you can share as well as get connected with any other PC – as it also supports cross platform.
At a time, you can get connected with 25 PCs simultaneously through Mikogo in real time. Other feature provided by Mikogo includes Video Conferencing, Audio Conferencing, Session Recording, Session Scheduling, Multi-User Board, Multi-Monitor, Chatting as well as File Sharing.

8. AnyMeeting:

AnyMeeting screen Sharing Software
AnyMeeting screen Sharing Software

Through AnyMeeting, you can host conferences very easily. Even if its simple meeting or also if its huge meeting/ conference AnyMeeting is the perfect solution for all of it. Also it provides features like Group Conference, Online Events, Group Training, Presentations and many more.
Through these various features provided by AnyMeeting, you can grow your business and get much benefit in your sales business. This software is available at affordable rates. So anyone can have it and use it to expand their business.
Share Screen with Windows Remote Assistance:
In all the Windows versions, there are features available for Windows Remote Assistance, already. You can enable these features by enabling the Windows Remote Assistance by following below mentioned steps:
  • Go to Control Panel > System> Remote Settings>
  • A Pop Up Box will be seen choose ‘Allow Remote Connections in this Computer” > Apply> Okay.
  • Then go to Windows Help and Support Center > Windows Remote Assistance
  • New Window will appear. Select ‘Invite Someone you trust to help you.
  • New Page will appear. You need to send email to that person and invite them.
  • You will be given/ asked password, remember it.
  • Your Session will start them, perform it and then close it.

So, all these are various features as well as software utility tools to share your screen. Also as mentioned above, Windows by default offers you to share the screen of your system.

With help of all these functionalities, you can easily share as well as manage remote PC, schedule meetings/ presentations etc. All these features are very helpful for growing your business as well as complete your personal tasks through them and share data/ chat with your friends.

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