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How to find free Wi-Fi Hotspots anywhere in the world

We all have our own Wi-Fi at our home or work place. But when we are out and have really low data plan, what you will do? Imagine you are somewhere you don’t know many people and also not so familiar with that place, then what? 
Well, for such situations you can fine Wi-Fi Hotspots anywhere in the world. And what is it comes as free Wi-Fi Hotpots? There will be nothing better than having free  Wi-Fi hotspot around you. Here are some tricks through which you can find free  Wi-Fi Hotspots anywhere in the world.

How to find free Wi-Fi Hotspots anywhere in the world

How to find free Wi-Fi Hotspots anywhere in the world
How to find free Wi-Fi Hotspots anywhere in the world

1. Go to some famous restaurant or coffee house

Ever been to MacDonald’s or Star Bucks? They are quite famous especially among youngsters. Famous places like them are these days providing free Wi-Fi. You need to go to any of such places and then search the internet connection.

You will immediately find it and also can connect it. Such great places offer tasty food as well as free Wi-Fi. What else do you want?

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Other than these, there are quite famous restaurant chains which also provide free Wi-Fi. Some other places including Coffee houses, fast food outlets etc. also provide free Wi-Fi to their customers.

2.More free Wi-Fi places?

Apart from coffee shops and restaurants, there are some more places which offer free Wi-Fi. You must be wandering where one can get free Wi-Fi right? Well, there are some more places like Public Library, Public Park, Shopping Malls, Large Departmental Stores, Super Markets, Book Stores as well as Public Transport authorities like Bus Stop, Railway Stations or even Airports offer free Wi-Fi. 

Whenever you are around any of these places you can get a free Wi-Fi connection. All of these places mostly have big crowds and you can easily get a internet connection there. Also most of these places are most common places where you might be passing daily.

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‘Taj-Mahal’ one of the most famous places as well as wonder of the world has recently started to offer free Wi-Fi to all the tourists. So if you are in India and going to visit the beautiful Taj then you can get free Wi-Fi there too. Even whenever you are at any of the famous places, you can simply search your device for free Wi-Fi.

So you can just pass from there and might want to stop there for few minutes for free Wi-Fi. All of these and some other similar public places offer free Wi-Fi to customers. Next time when you are around any of these places, you might want to check for free Wi-Fi connection.

3. Use an App to find free Wi-Fi Hotspot 

These days, there are huge numbers of apps available on different platforms. For every task, there is an app. You just need to have details for such app with which you can find a free Wi-Fi hotspot.
All you need is your internet connection for few minute until your find a free one. Here are several apps for Android as well as iOS users.
Wi-Fi Finder:
With this app, you can simply search nearby Wi-Fi connections. This app is very informative in regard to search a Wi-Fi connection. Through this app, you can get to know about all free as well as paid Wi-Fi connections around you. Wi-Fi Finder is available for both Android as well as iOS users. This app allows you to search for Wi-Fi connections even when you are offline. To use this app, you need to turn on your GPS.
Download Wi-Fi Finder App: For Android and For iOS.
This app is one of the mostly used apps to find a free Wi-Fi connection. It not only finds a few Wi-Fi but also connects your device automatically with free connection. Instabridge is a Wi-Fi Password sharing community through which it allows you to connect with free Wi-Fi network. It has wide data base of over 3 million hotspots. This app is available in more than 200 countries and is very helpful. Also with this app, you can set up your Home Connection and then when a friend send you request you can allow them to use your network. Instabridge is available for Android as well as iOS users.
Get Instabridge For Android and iOS.
WeFi Pro:
WeFi Pro is also great app to find free Wi-Fi around
you. It also connects you automatically to nearby free Wi-Fi Network. Not only
to free network, but WeFi Pro lets you connect with best network with high data
speed. Hence it gives you connectivity to faster internet and faster video as
well as better gaming experience. Also we can manually choose from available
free Wi-Fi networks. This app shows us available networks so we can choose the
best network. It also shows you which are slower network as well as which are
faster networks. The WeFi Pro is available only for Android platform.
Download WeFi Pro For Android and iOS
All these are great apps and smarter ways to find free Wi-Fi Hotspots anywhere in the world. Most of all these ways as well as apps are supported into various countries. Hence you can search a free Wi-Fi hotspot anywhere in the world.

Even if you are on a trip and visiting some place for the first time, then also you will be enjoying nearby free Wi-Fi Hotpots. You can have access to seem less internet through plenty of free Wi-Fi hotpots.
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