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How To Disable Auto Play Facebook Videos?

As Facebook has become much popular, developers of Facebook are introducing various new features in Facebook. Also such features vary as per Desktop version/ Mobile version as well as iPhone/ Blackberry version. One of such features is Videos in Facebook.

How to disable auto play Facebook videos?

How to disable auto play Facebook videos?
How to disable auto play Facebook videos?

While surfing Facebook, we come to cross lots of web pages. In all of these pages, you must have seen videos streaming. By default, such video streaming is always on and hence Facebook has it on auto play and goes on playing videos continuously.
When videos are streaming, it consumes more of the bandwidth and makes our devices (Mobile/ Desktop) slower. For that, we need to disable auto play face book videos. There are some setting through which you can turn it off.
As per various devices, these setting vary. So here, we are providing setting for Mobile/ Android Users, iPhone Users and Desktop Users settings.

How to disable auto play Facebook videos For Mobile/ Android Users:

1. First of all, go inside the Facebook app and click onto Settings link
2. Among various setting, you need to go to App Settings
3. There, you need to go to Videos and Photos
5. There are three options: On/ Wi-Fi Only/ Off
6. You can choose Off

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How to disable auto play Facebook videos For iPhone/ iOS Users:

1. Go to Facebook app and click onto More ICON
2. Scroll down until you see SETTINGS
3. In that, go to Account Settings
4. There is ACCOUNT SETTINGS, go into that link
5. You can see Videos and Photos, click onto it
6. There you will see three options: On Mobile Data and Wi-Fi Connections/ On Wi-Fi Connections 7. Only/ Never Auto-Play Videos
8. Select Never Auto-Play Videos and then it will stop.

How to disable auto play Facebook videos For Web/ Desktop Users:

1. It is very easy for web users.
2. First go to Settings
3. Select Video Settings
4. You will see Two options there
5. Read the second one
6. And choose it OFF, so videos streaming will be off then.

Once we choose, off option – videos streaming will be off. But when you come across any video and you want to watch it, then you can simply click on that video and it will start playing.

As we know, Facebook is now-a-days one of the most used and widely trusted social media site. There are billions of everyday users using Face book throughout the world. For people, who live far from their home, things like Face book are very helpful for them.

But some features like Video Streaming might be consuming more of your bandwidth. And hence it affects the performance of your device as well as network. So it is better to turn such features off and when you need them back, you can simply change it.

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