How Intelligence Agencies Can Hack Any Smartphone With Just a Single Text Message ?

What if your smartphone is used to spy on you and others surrounding you?
Seems like a fictional scene from Mission Impossible series or bond series. No this time it is from real life Bond agency , yes It is from the British Intelligence agency that can do such an advanced task very simply by texting you.

How Intelligence Agencies Can Hack Any Smartphone With Just a Single Text Message ?

How Intelligence Agencies Can Hack Any Smartphone With Just a Single Text Message
How Intelligence Agencies Can Hack Any Smartphone With Just a Single Text Message

It appeared in the BBC that British Intelligence agency can hack any smartphones that amazes you. This fact was made public by former NSA contractor and Global surveillance whistleblower Mr. Edward Snowden that one who controls this advanced software can take over any smartphone device by just sending a special text message to the target. It is also described that there is not much one can do it protect oneself against it.

By sending just a text message it can gain control over your unit and perform such actions:

  • Listen to your calls.
  • Monitor your messages.
  • check your social media and other apps status and activities.
  • Take photos from front and back camera without any alert.
  • pinpoint your location.
  • Access the photos and videos in your phone.

It can monitor you even if you have switched off your device and what not, I think that it’s like they can virtually do everything they want from your smartphone.

The little inside what BBC got shows how it is done?

According to the whistleblower Mr. Edward Snowden says there is set of tool with code name “Smurf Suite” which consists of smaller individual tools that can perform a specific task.

Here is the list of tools in the Smurf Suite:

  1. Dreamy Smurf: The functionality of this tool as that it can Switch On and Switch OFF your smartphone without your concern.
  2. Nosey Smurf: This tool permits the agency to turn on your microphone and eavesdrop your conversation whenever they want and with maximum secrecy. Even if you have switched off it they can intercept your conversation as they already have access to your smartphone’s on off switch. 
  3. Tracker Smurf:  This tool as name suggests tracks you from any corner of the world and pinpoint your exact location to the British intelligence agency. It has efficiency of military standards and can find you even from the dreams.
  4. Paranoid Smurf:  This tool hides the digital trail of the hacker, It do not let user know that smartphones is no more in the owner’s control and had been tampered by hackers and is used to spy on you. One cannot find any proof of the hacking even the smartphone is taken to service center.

There will be no visibility of the special text message that was sent to take control over the smart device, it is highly stealth technology used for spying, narrated by Mr. Snowden

Mr. Snowden added that it is keenly crafted message that will be sent on to your smartphone but won’t be showed to the owner.

This all the inside I can get but clearly it is a sophisticate series of tool that can recruit any number of spies in their smartphone army to spy on any living being on planet earth, as if target is not using the smartphone there is a strong possibility that someone around him/her is using one.

Mr. Snowden also stated that this technology’s root is from United States National Security Agency (NSA) which provides the “tasking and direction” to its British counterpart. NSA has spent Billions on similar security programs.

Mr. Edward Snowden is right now most wanted man for the USA for turning against the country.

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