Google Records and Store Your Voice — Here’s How to Listen and Delete It

Do you prefer to use Google Voice Search or Google Now on your smart phone? If yes, then here’s something you need to be aware of.As smart as these smart features, sound – they are not so smart on working because Google keeps records of all your Voice Search or Voice Commands. Did you know that?
Google Records and Store Your Voice — Here's How to Listen and Delete It
Google Records and Store Your Voice — Here’s How to Listen and Delete It
Once you start up your Voice Command/Voice Search, then Google will be delivering accurate services through their amazing features like Google Voice Search as well as Google Now. But there are things you need to know about.
While using Google Voice Search/ Google Now, Google stores and keeps your Voice/ Voice Search in their some secret database and try to improve their features if there are any of the problems/ bugs found. But is it appropriate to store your Voice Commands by Google? And one more shocking thing is that, you can actually listen to your Voice Searches as well as Voice Commands.
As of now, you have come to know about this, you can even Listen as well as Delete Google Records and Stored Voice of yourself. Here’s how?
Go to your Google Dashboard.
Then Go to Voice and Audio Activity link.
If you have been using Google’s features like Google Voice Search/ Google Now, then there will be several Audio Clippings of your voice. You can listen to these files. You will only find these voice clippings if your Voice and Audio Activity is set to Turned ON.
All these things are pretty shocking, isn’t it?
Well, thanks to The Guardian’s Alex Hern – who found out all these things and let us know about it.So now, Do you want to Delete all these recordings?
You can delete these recordings easily. Just go to those clips and check those clips to be deleted through checkboxes and then hit the Delete Button. Thinking to Turn OFF Voice and Audio Activity? Well, unfortunately it won’t be working. Even if you set it to off, it will still go on recording your voice through your Google Voice Command/ Google Now activities.
Is there any way to stop the recording?
Yes, of course. Its very simple, but some of you might not like it.
You just have to stop using these features like Google Voice Command/ Google Now to stop the recordings. Yes there are large numbers of people who have been using these popular services since a long time and are habituated to search their phone through this Voice Search.
But for your own safety, you need to stop doing that. Otherwise, it will be recording your voice every time you use any of those features.
So, this is the thing about smart features like Google Now and Google Voice Command. You can choose to still use these services or to stop using it for security purposes.

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