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How to Solve “Google Play Store Not Working” Error [9 Ways]

Since Android smart phones have been launched in market, more and more people are purchasing these smart phones. Most of all these Android phones have in-built Play Store i.e. Google’s Play Store.

How to Solve “Google Play Store Not Working” Error

How to Solve “Google Play Store Not Working” Error
How to Solve “Google Play Store Not Working” Error

Most probably, there’s no more authenticate place other than Play Store go search and install all of latest Android Apps. Currently, there are millions of users having Play Store for their daily search and installation of Android Apps. It also has some very amazing features through which we can get to know more about certain apps.

But sometimes, Google Play store might have several technical issues and can’t reach to it. Under such situation, we need to see what is actually happening. Is it inside our android phone or certain OS error or any server errors or anything else.
Generally, reasons behind “Google Play Store Not Working” Error could be either of the following:
  • Most probably it is because of some software related software inside your Android phone.
  • Otherwise it could be some sort of Technical Issued.
  • There might also be Application Crash reports due to some reasons.
  • Also it could be because of Out Dated Software.
So under one or another reason, we might run into trouble without access to Google Play Store. So for that, we need to get to know more about such Google Play Store Not Working Error.

Here are 9 Ways to Solve “Google Play Store Not Working” Error:

Here are the nine ways to solve Google Play Store Not Working Error.

1. Reboot Your Android Phone:

If anytime, you face problem connecting to the Google Play Store, the first and foremost thing is to reboot your android phone. It is the most common thing which needed to be fixed. This happens a lot. It there are any simpler errors, then it will go away after rebooting your smart phone. Also this is the first thing you need to do before any other options. Because rebooting your smart phone mostly solves the problem.

2. Try Installing Latest Google Play Store Update:

If rebooting does not help at all, you need to update your Google Play Store version. Because it is a possibility that your smart phone might be running an older version of it. Also sometimes they release latest updated version and we might not be aware of it. So with older versions, some features might not be compatible to run. That is why this is also another simpler problem.

3. Try Uninstalling All Play Store Updates:

If you have already tried rebooting your Android phone as well as installed the latest version of Google Play Store, and yet you are getting error, you need to follow this step. For this, you need to uninstall the Google Play Store along with all its updates.
To do so, follow these steps:
Go to: Settings> Apps> Google Play> Uninstall Updates.
By doing this, you are uninstalling all the updates as well as previous version. After successfully uninstalling it, you need to get the original version of Google Play Store in your Android phone. It can be downloaded from This link.
After installing this, you won’t have any more of Google Play Store Errors.

4. Clean Play Store Cache or Data:

Even after uninstall and reinstalling the Google Play Store, if you are getting error then you might want to try this step too. For this, you need to clean play store cache/ data. To do so follow below mentioned steps:
Go to: Settings> Applications Manager> All> Google Play Store> Clear Data/ Clear Cache.
By doing it you are removing any other data or cache of Google Play Store. And also after removing cache you need to reboot your Android phone. After doing this, your smart phone will be as good as new. But there’s one thing to know about clearing cache i.e. it will remove your personal settings.

5. Try to Resetting your Google Account on your Phone

If none of above steps help then you might want to prefer this step as well. You need to reset your Google account from your phone. This step generally logs you into it again and then no more troubles. To do so, follow below mentioned steps:
Go To: Settings> Accounts> Select Account to be Removed> Go to Three Dots on Top Right> Remove.
First remove your account and then log-in again through the same. By doing so, it will let you log-in again and then you can get all the apps and other details.

6. Also Check and Enable the Download Manager:

In case by any mistake you have Disabled the Download Manager then Google Play Store won’t be working properly. If so, you need to Enable it right away with below mentioned settings:
Go To: Settings> Application Manager> All> Download Manager> Enable.
After enabling the Download Manager, you are good to go.

7. Try Fixing Date and Time Settings of your Phone:

Mostly while your smart phone can’t get connected to the internet, this is the step which helps you for that. After fixing date and time settings to the actual time and date, your smart phone will sync through the servers and then will be able to send as well as receive data through Google Play Store servers.

Also you can set data and time to Automatic mode, for avoiding such troubles. You can set data and time to automatic by following steps:

Go To: Settings> Date and Time> Select Automatic Date and Time.

8. Factory Reset Your Smart Phone:

This step is a huge step, so only after using all of above mentioned steps and even if none of them works, you should take this step.

Here you need to factory reset your smart phone and get all the factory/ default settings back on your smart phone. That simply means, you will lose all of the data/ applications/ files and everything which you have in your smart phone. So after resetting it, it will be just as if you have purchased your smart phone and there is nothing else inside it but only factory given menus and settings.

To Do so, follow these steps:

Go To: Settings> Back Up and Reset —- After the process completes—- Go To: Back Up and Reset> Factory Data Reset.

Also we advise everyone, that they should take a backup of their data before getting into this step.

9. Edit Hosts File – For Rooted Smart Phones only:

If you have a rooted Android phone, then this step is for you. You need to try to edit host files for that, you need to follow above mentioned steps: 

Go To: File Manager > System > ETC > Hosts > Select Edit > Add # i.e. Hash Tag at the beginning of Second Set of Numbers > Save > Reboot your phone. Error will no more be there.
So, all these above mentioned are various ways to solve Google Play Store Not Working errors. And mostly updating/ re-installing steps fix it although we have mentioned several more ways to fix it, just in case.
From now on, anytime if you got any errors like this – you know what to do very well. And one more important thing, whenever you are trying something new like Rebooting/ Re-Installing, then always read the entire step before and then tries it. Because otherwise you might lose some date unknowingly.
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