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Facebook Will Notify You If NSA Is Spying On You

As Facebook has become one of those most used Social Media Sites, more and more people are going for it. Along with them, some of Hackers are also turning towards Facebook to hack some of accounts.
Facebook Will Notify You If NSA Is Spying On You
Facebook Will Notify You If NSA Is Spying On You
When such threats are suspected by widely known social media, they immediately go on applying several plans of actions. So, that not more of the users accounts get hacked.

As a prevention action, Facebook has recently introduced their users to a new security features.
This new features is actually a notification, which certain users will receive when their account activity seems suspicious or they detect any threats regarding log-in by third-party, most probably hackers.

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To enable this new notification to secure your Facebook account, users need to make several changes into their Facebook Settings. Users need to turn on LOGIN APPROVALS.

What is Facebook’s new feature Log-in Approval?

Well, it is the latest feature introduced recently by Facebook. After Turning ON log-in approvals, users can get to access their Facebook account after 2-factor-authentication.
For this, while you are trying to log-in into Facebook, they will send authenticate a secure code to your phone/mail and after entering that code, you will be able to log-in.
So after these 2-step-authentication users will be able to access their Facebook account. And hence there will be no security concerns.

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After turning on log-in approvals, Facebook will notify you every time when your account has been accessed through any new browser/ system than you regularly access your Facebook.

Facebook Will Notify You If NSA Is Spying On You
Facebook Will Notify You If NSA Is Spying On You
Also Facebook officials have released several statements quoting that “Because these types of attacks tend to be more advanced and dangerous than others.” As Facebook Chief Security Officer Alex Stamps stated.
They also said that “It’s important to understand that this warning is not related to any compromise of Facebook’s platform or systems and that having an account compromised in this manner may indicate that your computer or mobile device has been infected with malware. Ideally, people who see this message should take care to rebuild or replace these systems if possible.”

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Apart from all these security features and security measures, Facebook officials have not yet revealed anything about nature of the hackers or it would be government-sponsored attack or anything else. So we are not sure about those who might be targeting several Facebook accounts.
Along with all these features, they have advised all the Facebook users to be aware of their log-in approvals.

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That is why, as security step users should avoid logging in into their Facebook account through any infected system as well as should Turn On Log-in Approvals. And then Facebook will be able to notify through these notifications and you will be able to know about it.
So Facebook users, should keep in mind about new security policy introduced by Facebook. Also, from now on – whenever you receive any notifications from Facebook, draw your attention towards it. If you ignore it, there might be serious consequences to your Facebook account by some hackers.
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