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Chrome Browser look alike Malware can delete and replace your Google Chrome Browser

Recently, Malwarebytes published a report on this malware, can delete and replace your entire chrome browser with a lookalike. And accordingly, security researchers have revealed more about it’s dangerous nature.

Chrome Browser lookalike Malware can delete and replace your Google Chrome Browser
Chrome Browser lookalike Malware can delete and replace your Google Chrome Browser

This malware, which is malicious copy of Chrome browser, it feels as well as looks just like Chrome. Even if it has been installed automatically onto your system since past few days, you might not have noticed it.

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It has been named as “eFast Browser.” Important thing is eFast Browser gets installed in your system, itself and more importantly looks just like Chrome Browser.
Before it installs itself automatically, we might saw some suspicious and malicious activities on our system including:
  • It often generates pop-ups, pops under as well as coupons or so on. 
  • It will show other advertisements on your webpage.
  • It also redirects you to other malicious web pages, containing bogus content.
  • Also tracks down your movements over the internet and helps nefarious marketers to send more and more malicious crap your way.
And once it gets installed in your system, it then gets even worse malicious effects and also might have some issued of identity theft as well.

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Anything more malicious with this eFast Browser?

Yes, definitely. As we all know, most of such malicious wares go on affecting our browsing experience or so on. But here, it is totally replacing the Chrome Browser with their eFast Browser.
Also it has been published that, after replacing Chrome Browser – it even deletes any shortcut of Chrome as well as removes it even from Taskbar. Isn’t it devastating?
After automatically installation of eFast Browser, it tends to hijack files including HTML, PDF, JPG, GIF including other URLs having HTTP, HTTPS, MAILTO etc.

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Talking about eFast Browser, it is based on actual Chrome Browser’s Chromium Open Source software. That is why it is able to disguise as Chrome through look as well as feel. And hence tricks us to believe that we are using original Chrome.
Other Similar Browsers:
This malicious program has been developed by company, “Clara Labs” and they have also been developing several other similar malicious browsers names as “BoBrowser”, “Unico”, “Tortuga” etc.
More Stories:
According to PCrisk:

“eFast Browser is another potentially unwanted program – PUP. It tries to get itself in PC by burrowing itself into the free software installers from dubious sources on the web”.

PCrisk has also provided steps to uninstall the eFast Browser, if you were able and found out about eFast Browser in your PC/Laptop.
A Twitter Account SwiftOnSecurity revealed that “it’s easier for malicious software to replace your browser than to infect it. This is due to Chrome’s security against in-browser malware that cyber criminals are now overwriting the browser completely.”

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If you have come to know about any of such malicious activities regarding your Chrome Browser, keep checking it and prevent more damage as soon as possible. Also through PCrisk’s provided steps, you can uninstall the eFast Browser and then again get back to being safe with Google’s Chrome Browser.
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