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Anti-Drone Weapon that Shoots Down UAVs with Radio Waves

Do you know anything about Drones? Well, as shown in popular action-thriller series 24, Drones are advanced un-manned aerial vehicles, also known as UAVs – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Anti-Drone Weapon that Shoots Down UAVs with Radio Waves

Anti-Drone Weapon that Shoots Down UAVs with Radio Waves
Anti-Drone Weapon that Shoots Down UAVs with Radio Waves

A popular US Government Contractor Company – Battelle has recently released some pretty impressive discovery regarding Anti-Drone Weapon that Shoots down UAVs with Radio Waves. Isn’t that cool? This Anti-Drone Weapon has been named as DroneDefender.

Battelle has been working for US Government since past many years and they have consistently been discovering various types of scientific weapons.

What is Anti-Drone Weapon?

The Anti-Drone Weapon a.k.a. DroneDefender can shoot down Drones with Radio Waves. So if you have a DroneDefender, you can shoot down any unwanted Drone hovering outside your house. But don’t worry, the DroneDefender are strictly for US Government and their related agencies, so we won’t get our hands on the DroneDefender.

How a DroneDefender Works?

You need to have a DroneDefender – it is a scieitific weapon which looks like a big gun. Whenever you see a Drone hovering around, you need to get it in target sight of DroneDefender and then click on the shooting button.

As soon as you click on Shooting Button, it will start sending radio-waves to that Drone. These Radio Waves sent by DroneDefender will neutralize the drone. So the drone won’t be able to communicate with its operator and hence will be forced to hover there/ land immediately / return to its point of origin.

Such will be happening because the Drone is no more capable to get commands through its commander/ operator and hence it won’t be getting any additional commands. That is why it is forced to land or just hover there. And while all these things are happening, the operator of the command won’t be able to know about any of these. The operator will just know that drone has gone out of range!
Other than this, DroneDefender, there is another device which can do somewhat same. But they are not so much effective. That is why this DroneDefender from Bettelle is the first ever Anti-Drone Weapon that Shoots Down UAVs with Radio Waves.
Also the Battelle’s research project said that, “The DroneDefender can help protect us from those who may wish to do us harm. It can help us in numerous settings, from the White House lawn to bases and embassies overseas; from prisons and schools to historic sites. It easily and reliably neutralizes the threat.”
Along with that, DroneDefender is said to be as “Effective against All Commercial Drones in the United States.”
So, as such government related agencies are still working smartly and making some of very impressive and cool weapons like DroneDefender.
It is expected that within a year, Battelle will be delivering DroneDefender to the US Government and their associated Government Agencies. So that they can secure people and their surroundings who are being annoyed through such Drones.
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