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Another security flaw affects all New versions of Adobe Flash

Recently Patched Adobe Flash Versions Hit by Another Zero-day Exploit : Adobe’s Flash Player has been working since a long time. There are millions of people who have been using the Adobe Flash and now they will have to stop using it due to Zero-Day Exploit.
Another security flaw affects all New versions of Adobe Flash
Another security flaw affects all New versions of Adobe Flash
Recently it was found that due to internet security reasons – Zero-day exploit has been identified. Beside Adobe’s lots of efforts to save Adobe Flash, they are not able to do so. And that is why, now they have to finally shut off the Adobe Flash.

Before couple of days, Adobe has also launched their monthly patch update. It contains total 69 critical vulnerabilities including Reader, Acrobat as well as for Flash Player they have found 13 critical patches.

There’s a Russian state-sponsored hacking group called Pawn storm – they have been patching these versions of Adobe. And now have fully patches version of Adobe Flash.
Even though Adobe was hardly trying to make all their features and programs work effectively, they have been consistently failing. Even in latest versions i.e. version from to, they are also not safe to be used or installed by users. They are also vulnerable to the latest zero-day exploit.
But for now, the Zero-day exploit has been started only in Government agencies around the world.
Also as of now, Zero-day exploit has been known by everyone, hackers can go on targeting people through these Adobe’s flash players.
To stop hackers from doing so, Adobe has advised people to uninstall entire Adobe Flash Player as well as other Adobe players from their desktops. That is the why by which they can get safe through all these on-going vulnerabilities.
Everyone is moving out from Adobe Flash:
  • Since January 2015, YouTube has moved out from Adobe Flash and are now delivering videos other than Adobe services.
  • Firefox has also been aware since the beginning and they also blocked the Adobe’s Flash Plug-in.
  • Google has removed and is now blocking Adobe through their Chrome features. They are removing the Flash, by default.
  • Recently, Facebook’s security chief has released they are also moving out of Adobe from Facebook and are now announcing kill-date for Flash.
So, if you also have any of Adobe’s features including Flash Player, Reader or anything else – you should also remove those programs/ plug-ins immediately. It will be better for your system and switch to other programs.
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