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9 Best Android Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android Smartphone

Since everyone is using lots of messaging and social media apps, they’ve always got tons of photos and videos in their smart phone. But not everyone want to share their photos and videos with everyone who looks up to their phone. Sometimes when someone unknowingly takes their hands on you smart phone, you might feel like a disaster.
But to prevent that from happening, here we have 9 Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android. With these apps, you can keep your Android phone safe. No one could view photos as well as videos from your smart phone without your permission. And they won’t even know that photos and videos are available, so there’s nothing to give permission to!

Best Apps to Hide Photos and Videos on Android:

1. Vaulty
Since a long time, Vaulty has been most popular and preferred android app, to hide photos and videos in your Android phone. Over 4 years, Vaulty has been helping people to keep their Photos and Videos safe. It has very easy UI.
We can hide photos and videos from Gallery and keep them password protected. So, nobody else can access it. Anyhow, if someone try and enter wrong password, Vaulty will notify you.
Apart from Gallery, it also provides us option to save out Photos and Videos into its online backup server. We can also arrange various photos and videos into different categories and password protect them, individually with different passwords. Lots of features include Photo Editing, Full Screen Zoomm Filters, Camera and lots more.
Price for Vaulty: It is free and also offers in-app purchases.
Vault-Hide SMS, Photos and Videos
Vault-Hide SMS, Photos and Videos

Vault is all in one solution for hiding your SMS, Photos as well as Videos. Along with that we can even hide, Contacts as well as Apps. With Vault, we can hide all these things and keep them under password protection.
Also there’s one cool feature in Vault: We can create a fake Vault and keep some photos and videos inside it. It will be accessible by anyone and we can fool people, while they will be thinking that they have accessed out vault!

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It also allows us to hide Vault! So no one will ever know that you have Vault in your Android phone. Other features include, it is able to click picture of that person who is trying to unlock Vault and will create backup of your data into Cloud.
Price for Vault: It is free and also offers in-app purchases.
Hide Pictures KeepSafe Vault
Hide Pictures KeepSafe Vault
KeepSafe offers lots of features inside it. It has many customized options as well as tricks to protect your photos. KeepSafe has easily accessible UI and we can add photos inside it through the Gallery. It keeps our photos inside PIN protection as well as won’t show its presence in our app list.
In premium version, you can change album cover picture as well as add fake PIN with that people will think they have accessed it themselves, but they’ve been fool by KeepSafe. Just like Vault, KeepSafe also provides feature with which it can capture picture of the person who have been trying to access it.
KeepSafe Pricing: It is free. You can purchase, Premium version.
Hide Pictures Hide it Pro
Hide Pictures Hide it Pro
With this app, you can hide multiple things including Photos, Videos, Apps, SMS, Contacts etc. All of these could be hide, just with few taps! Most amazing thing is that, this app is totally free and provides lots of functionalities in it. It also works as Audio Manager and hides its existence from your smart phone.

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With lots of navigation tools as well as customized options, we can use multiple features. We can use PIN as well as Password to protect our data. Our data is being encrypted with AES 256-encryption. Also with more plug-ins we can get features like Private Browsing, Private Messaging, Locking Apps and much more.
Pricing for Hide it Pro: It is totally free. For more functionality, we can download free plug-ins.
Safe Gallery Free
Safe Gallery Free
With this app, we can hide out media files just in our gallery. We are given choice to protect it with either of these: PIN, Password, Pattern. Also it provides backup of your data in case of data loss. Along with hiding gallery, it is also able to hide images from web.
Also they are offering us to APP HIDE MODE, with which this app will be hidden. If you want to see the app, you need to dial PIN in dial pad of your phone.
Price for Safe Gallery Free: It is totally free.
Private Photo Vault
Private Photo Vault
The Private Photo Vault has lots of features inside it. It allows us to hide photos and videos with various passwords. With first password, we can access this app and with second password we can access hidden photos and videos. There are lots of customization options available.
Also we are getting a feature through which we can sent locked photos to someone through Text Message or through Email just from the app.
If anyone go on trying to unlock the app, it will save GPS co-ordinates as well as capture the photo of that person. Also you can keep some fake photos as well as fake password to fool people.
Price for Private Photo Vault: Free version has limited features. To access all the features get Pro version at $3.99.
7. Fotox

Fotox apk
Fotox apk

Fotox has lots of ways to protect your photos. You can save them under various protections including PIN, Password, Pattern, Face Detection etc. It is easy to keep photos in Fotox to hide it. You can shre them to Fotox or search gallery.

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To keep backup of your photos, Fotox is also offering Fotox Cloud Storage. After backup, we can access those photos from anywhere. There are various ways to hide this app. You can either hide Fotox or even fool people. Along with that, un-installation of this app is also not allows by other people then user.
Price for Fotox: It is free. 
Photo Locker provides safety and security to your photos and other media items. Also for safety reasons, it doesn’t even upload any data to app servers. It keeps our media files encrypted inside the app. Also it ensures that no-one else can access this app even if they get access all over the phone.
Inside this app, there are lots of features including Zooming, Panning, Slideshow and any more. It is very easy to restore photos from this app. There are some very easy yet secure methods to recover password.
Price for Photo Locker: Free Version has limited access. For more features, get it at $4.99.
Gallery lock apk
Gallery lock apk
Gallery lock has lots of features inside it. It allows us to protect our photos through its features. After hiding our photos and videos, it allows us to get them through the app.
This app can also hide itself and go onto stealth mode. Also if anyone goes on trying unlocking it, it captures his/her photo. You can also backup media files to Google Drive, Drop Box, Box Account etc.
Price for Gallery Lock: It is free.
With all the above mentioned apps, you can choose the one which is best suited for you. All of them are able to hide photos, videos and some more of items too. Some of them are free and some of them can be purchased for greater usage. 

Select any of the above list, and keep all your media files safe
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