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Cyber Attack on America’s Thrift Stores exposes credit card Details

America’s Thrift Stores – is basically a non-profit organization, a charity store chain. It operates over 18 donation-based thrift stores for Southeast United States. And they collect used Clothes, House hold items from local communities to help Christian Charities. They are helping them through these organizations.

Cyber Attack Exposes credit card Details

Cyber Attack on America’s Thrift Stores exposes credit card Details
Cyber Attack on America’s Thrift Stores exposes credit card Details

Recently, America’s Thrift Stores came to know about that they have been victim of huge malware-driven security breach. It is believed that it started with some third-party service provider’s software through which all these things happened and gained Credit Cards Payment Info of Albama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee etc.

Kenneth, Birmingham based company’s CEO stated that besides this security breach, no other details like Customer’s Name, Phone Numbers, Addresses, Email IDs or any other identity has not been compromised.
When exactly did it happen?
They say that it has been happened by 1St September to 27th September 2015.
Who should be worried? 
All those people who are associated with America’s Thrift Stores and have carried out any transactions in between above mentioned data need to check their bank statements as well as all other important details.
And if anything unwanted has happened, then immediately report it to the police, bank, card issuer and other related authorities.
Precautions have already taken:
As a part of precaution for further similar attacks, they have already removed the responsible malware from their store’s computers as well as has informed those purchases associated with America’s Thrift Stores other than these dates (i.e. 1st September to 27th September) have no threats.
Also in another shocking announcement, Brian Krebs – Security Journalist has just revealed that data just stolen through America’s Thrift Stores, has already been used (most probably by hackers) to create new counterfeit cards and also has got details through associated banks and their accounts.
And these banks has also confirmed regarding these frauds and forgery.
As of now, they are investigating all thee serious matters. The U.S. Secret Service is given all the charge regarding these inappropriate incidents.
The America’s Thrift Stores chain has more than 1000 employees who are currently working as well as the store chain is estimated to pay more than $4 million annually to their partners.
Well, this looks like pretty shocking incident about exposing so many credit card numbers but this is not the first of its kind. There already have been similar attacks, last year.
Goodwill Industries International’s systems were breached last year and got their hands on payments for 20 Goodwill Members, which easily indicates 10 percent of their all stores.
Through all these attacks, they have come to know that who or what is causing all these attacks and breaches.
They said that attackers/ hackers have accessed these accounts and confidential files through some third party vendor’s systems since last year and few months.
For fraudulent purchases, they have leveraged Point-Of-Sale malware and have stolen data from these organizations systems.
Also they have discovered that, there is nothing wrong with any version of any operating systems. But what actually happened was because of Third Party Allows Access and rights given to third parties. That is the reason for all these damage, stolen data, breach etc.
As of now, all the other organizations have come to know about these most shocking cyber attacks. And hence forth on they might re-consider about their Cyber Security as well as Third Party Access.
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