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Truecaller Application for Windows 10 – Enriched Caller ID and Many New Features

Recently, developers have launched some of very impressive features into their App – Truecaller. Especially, all these features are for those windows phones having Windows 10 OS running inside it. This updated version has lots of recently updated features in it showing accurate figures in it.

Truecaller App for Windows 10 With awesome Features

Truecaller Application for Windows 10 – Enriched Caller ID and Many New Features
Truecaller Application for Windows 10 – Enriched Caller ID and Many New Features
As we all know, TrueCaller is one of the widely used mobile app, used by billions of people all over world. Through this app, we can get to know almost everything regarding any mobile number, just through the number. That is why almost everyone, having smart phones gets this app as it is of great help.

What is TrueCaller App?

Well, it is one of the most used and installed app for various mobile platforms including Android, Windows etc.
In TrueCaller App, we need to enter some random mobile number and in search results, the app will show us all of the details regarding that mobile number. We get to know the owner of that number, the company that owns that number and if there are any spam records on to that number.
This app is extremely useful when it comes to some spammers. We can search details about some spam callers through this app and also can block it. Lots of amazing features have not been added into latest version of TrueCaller.
Here is the entire list described into brief for Truecaller App for Windows 10 – Enriched Caller ID and Many New Features:
1. User Details along with Name as well as Picture
All those windows devices running on Windows 10 can now get user details along with name as well as picture. Also their latest feature includes Badges and Profile Pictures. Also, if you want your same info to be seen, you need to sync your Windows device through the TrueCaller and then you can do the same.
Along with this, you can get to see the profile picture as well as operator information for that particular number. With that, we can get to see that number embedded on maps.
2. Advanced Call Blocking Feature
Some of the devices from specific makes are allowing users to block/ reject specific numbers while some are not. So in that cast we need to have separate app for blocking/ rejecting calls.
In updated feature, TrueCaller provides this feature in which we can make entire list of numbers which are supposed to be blocked/ reject. So with this list, you can get rid of spammers and chill. Along with that, we can even get to see Hidden/ Private numbers through specific features.
3. After Call Screen Display
They have added several amazing features and one of them is after call screen display. By setting this feature, we can see specific/ selected info after call on the screen. Such info could be View Caller ID, Save Contact, Call Back, Suggest a Name, Send SMS, Report as Spam or even if it is a new number, you may check it on TrueCaller as well.
All these features could be seen just after you received a call. You can set these specific features and they will be seen on your display. So you can use any of these above mentioned options to manage certain number.
4. Improved Call ID Details
Generally, TrueCaller shows Name of the user and does also shows some of the location details too. But previously, it did not used to show exact or specific locations of the user.
Now, in this updated version of TrueCaller for Windows 10, we get to see lot more information about the user. We can see their name, not exact but more accurate location from where the call was generated. Mostly live calls do not show accurate locations of the users, but here we also get to know about specific place.
So, all these are the updated features of popular TrueCaller App for Windows 10. All of the devices running Windows 10 OS inside them, will be able to enjoy all of these amazing features.
Recently, Microsoft has launched their latest windows phone including Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL. These latest versions of Windows phones run on latest Windows 10 OS. So they will be having all these latest features. Along with that, some other devices running this latest Windows OS will also be capable of the same.
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