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Do you want Dislike Button in Facebook ?

Since the very beginning, Facebook has been widely used and loved by millions of users. And by the passing of time, Facebook has been launching new and unique features. Most of such features have been appreciated by users.

Facebook finally reveals what its ‘dislike button’ will really look like

Facebook finally reveals what its 'dislike button' will really look like
Facebook finally reveals what its ‘dislike button’ will really look like

Previous Changes in Facebook:

Lots of changes and new things have been added into past years by Facebook. They have been changing the look of Facebook, made home page even more customized, given us priority to choose what we want to see first on our wall, chat options have become far easier, several changes into Facebook Mobile App, Changes into Facebook chat and introduced Facebook Messenger and so many more.
Now, Facebook finally reveals what its ‘dislike button’ will really look like. Lots of buzz was going on around regarding the ‘dislike button’ and now finally we have something here.
As Mark Zuckerberg has not yet confirmed any of these but as per strong sources, we have some final features regarding the ‘dislike button’ although he said that simple ‘Dislike Button’ is abuse to certain post and by doing so there might be poisonous atmosphere all over Facebook. So this might be new thing regarding the dislike button:
Facebook Dislike button
Facebook Dislike button
It has been rumored that from 9th October onwards Facebook is going to have a new feature. It will initially be for Ireland and Spain region users.
Facebook users will get to do more than just ‘Like.’ Whenever we saw any post in our wall/ homepage, we go on ‘Like’ several things by clicking on the ‘Like’ button. But now, users will actually be able to describe their certain emotions other than just liking the post.
For example, when you are scrolling over the home page of your Facebook, you will see like button. When you click on it or just simply hover over the arrow there, you will see several Emojis there like certain smiley-winky-tiny yellow faces. It will be available on mobile app version as well as desktop version.
There might be some emotions including Like, Love, Ha-Ha, Yay, Wow, Sad, Angry etc. Emojis. Users can choose any of these Emojis to describe their feeling about certain post/ image. By clicking on certain Emojis, we can express our feeling like Amusement, Sadness, Anger, Love, Amazing and so on.
So this might be the new thing which Facebook has been planning since a long time. Also it is said that through this feature, users will be able to show their certain feelings for posts and will be not only liking it but expressing specific feeling for it.
Of course, none of these have been officially been confirmed by Facebook. But we hope they release a word soon regarding this. As Facebook has been much popular over Internet, millions of users are always waiting for new features to be introduced from Facebook.
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