Pixlr the best online PSD file editor

You have a image files in the PSD format and you want to Edit it ? well that can be possible with the adobe Photoshop, you don’t have a Photoshop ? Okay don’t worry 😀 still you can edit your PSD file with the online editor named Pixlr.

How to Edit PSD files without Photoshop

Pixlr is a awesome online PSD file Editor application you can easily Create your own PSD files and it will also help you to edit your PSD files online.

If you already have a Photoshop and you don’t know how to edit files then you can learn Photoshop from our blog named ThePsd.Net – Its all about Photoshop Tutorials.

To create or edit your PSD file just open the Pixlr and then click on the create a new image to create the new file or you can also open your PSD or jpeg files to edit.

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Now if you have select create a new image then it will ask you for the size of the image so set the size of your image and then simply start working on it!

Edit Psd file without photoshop 
set the size of the image and then start writing your text in the image like this.

Edit Psd file without photoshop text

You have to write the texts in the text area and at the same time you will be able to set the font style, color and the size of the fonts
It includes the most basic Photoshop tools like gradient,blur, and many more tools have a look!

online photoshop tools

If you have used the Photoshop then you might know that it have include most of the tools available in the Photoshop! but the most important thing is missing and that’s blend mode! well sooner or later it will be there!

To save your file just go to the file and select save!

online Photoshop

It will allow you to save your file in the jpeg, png bmp etc formats! i hope you liked this tool and this tutorial 🙂 stay connected for more new tips and tricks!

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