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How to edit photos using Google plus

Google plus is becoming vast and vast and sooner or later all the profiles of the Google’s will be replaced by the Google plus as we know that YouTube and blogger’s profiles also get replaced by the Google plus. And Google plus have lot of features and you can drive huge number of traffic from the Google Plus we will discuss it later on and in this tutorial i am going to show you how to Edit photos using the Google Plus.
Lets say we have a photograph to Edit then simply upload it in to your Google plus account and then Go to the Photos And then select the photograph by clicking on it.
How to edit photos using Google plus copy
Now simply Click on Edit and then it will load the tools to edit the photograph and to Edit photograph in the Google Plus you should have Google Chrome browser then and then the tools will be loaded.
In the Google Plus there are two categories Basic adjustments and creative adjustments.
In the basic adjustments there are very basic tools like brightness, contrast, crop, rotate and all the tools. And the creative adjustments are just fabulous you can give an awesome effects without using Photoshop and it takes too much time in the Photoshop to give the creative effect to the image and in the Google Plus you can do it using a single click.
How to edit photos using Google plus after effect
Retrolux Is just awesome effect you can give in the photograph using the Google Plus you can easily give it by selecting it and then simply click on Apply and you have done and to accomplish this in the Photoshop then its little bit time consuming!
You should have: Top Mozilla Firefox addons.
Now just click on the Done Editing your photograph will be ready! and to save this photograph just right click on the image and then save it and you have done!
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