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Must-have addons for Mozilla Firefox

Firefox is amazing browser and i am also recommend you to use the Mozilla Firefox because of its awesomeness.
Must have mozilla firefox addons
And still there are many addons which will help you to customize the Firefox as the way you want to use it like if you want to set the speed dial then you can easily set it and what if you want to know the web ranks of each and every website you visit ? are you going to check the web ranks of the website manually ? like PR, Alexa Rank, backlinks and all ? no you should not do that because there is an addon available for the Mozilla.
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Here is the few list of the Mozilla Firefox addons which will help you to make Firefox better 🙂

WebRank Toolbar 
Webrank toolbar will show you the webranks of the each and every website you visit ! not only just webranks it will also show you the number of backlinks, it will help you to find the details of the website owner and it will also helps us to find the similar website, Get WebRank Toolbar.
If you are web developer or web designer then this addon will help you a lot  it will cover all the tools into the WebDeveloper toolbar, Get WebDeveloper.
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NoScript Security Suite
This is the best addon for the Firefox and it will not allow any website to execute the java script on your website so that there will not be any xss and its also prevents you from the ClickJacking attacks. And you can also disable this addon where you want the website to execute the java script like Facebook, Get NoScript Security Suite.
Speed Dial
This is just amazing Firefox addon and you can easily open the website using it like you need to open the google again and again then are you going to write the full url in the address bar every time ?
Speed Dial will help you to open the sites quickly like pressing ctrl+1 and the new link will open in the next tab. But before that you have to set the speed dial and you can set 9 speed dials 🙂 get speed dial.
Google Translator
Now you don’t need to open the Google translator for the translation of the content now you can easily by just right clicking on the webpage, Get Google Translator.
if you are webdesigner then it will help you to choose the colors on the webpage and it will also give you the hex code of the color so you can easily use it, Get ColorZilla
Awesome Screenshot plus
As the name says using this addon you can easily take a snapshot of your webpage and it will also allow you to edit the snapshot and the best thing about this awesome screenshot plus is it allows us to take the full page snapshot and this is not possible with window’s snipping tool 😀 get awesome Screenshot plus.

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