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How to hide your Facebook status and Pictures from specific people

how to hide your facebook status and photos from specific people
Sometime it happens that you don’t want to share your Facebook status/pictures for the specific people. Like if you have updated the status about the problem with your college then obviously you don’t want to show that status to the professors which are in your Facebook friend list!  and same thing can happen with your Boss 😀 and some time we don’t want to share some pictures with some particular persons and sometime we just want to be offline for few peoples then here is the tutorial about it 🙂 follow the simple steps to hide your Facebook status and pictures from the specific people.

1. Login into your Facebook account and now simply click on the public.(check out the bellow snapshot)
how to hide your status for specific people
2. Now you can see there are many options and the lists and click on the lists and select the list to show your status to the specific people !!! like i just want to show my Facebook status/picture to the close friends then i will simply select close friends instead of public.

3. Now write your status or upload your pictures and simply click on post and you are done 🙂 and what if you just want to hide the status for one or more then one person ?  then simply Go to Custom and then block the persons for just one status or picture by just adding their name in “Don’t share this with ”. And then simply save changes and post your status/picture.
 hide your status from specific people Now to show offline or online to the particular friends or lists just go to the advanced chat setting and there will be three options 1. Turn on chat for all friends except  2. Turn on chat for only some friends and 3. turn off chat.
hide facebook friend from others2


1. Turn on chat for all friends except 

If you want to be offline for the particular person or particular list then select 1st option and then simply add the name of the person and click on the save and you are done and if you want to undo then simple remove their name and click save and you have done.

2. Turn on chat for only some friends

Now if you want to turn on the chat for the few people or specific person then you can use this option by just adding the friend’s name for whom you want to be online 🙂 and you can undo it by just removing their name frim the 2nd list.

3. Turn off chat

It will just turn off the chat for the everybody means nobody can know that whether you are online or offline 🙂

and if you have any query regarding this then feel free to ask 🙂

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