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Hide your file into image #steganography

hide your file in the image

There are many encryption technique out there but one of the most interesting technique is steganography. In the steganography the sender hides the sensitive information in the image or mp3 file etc. so the attacker can never know the sensitive data and the receiver knows that file includes the data so the receiver can easily decrypt it. so here is one example we are going to hide one file behind the image and when we will try to open it then it will just open as image not as the file we have hide behind it.

Follow the simple steps to hide your file into image

1. Open the CMD (Go to run and type CMD)
2. Now take one image and take the secret which you want to hide in the image
3. Add your secret file in to the winrar (we need to add the file into winrar)
4. Now as you can see we have tree files named p.jpg, s.rar, and s.txt (we have to hide s.txt and we have already added it in the s.rar)


5. Now just add this command in CMD  copy /b p.jpg + s.rar ps.jpg and hit enter.
6. You can see that the forth file is generated named ps.jpg that’s our encrypted file which includes s.rar and s.rar includes our text file.
stegnography 2
Now whenever some one try to open the ps.jpg file then it will simply open as image it will not show any s.rar file 🙂

How to decrypt it ?

Well for the decryption of the file ps.jpg we have to open it with winrar (don’t worry it will open with winrar) and it will show the s.rar file inside it and our s.rar file includes our secret file named s.txt that’s it.

If you have any question about it then feel free to ask Smile

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