Secure your Gmail Account

Secure gmail account

Email accounts are the most important thing in the person’s life. Most of the secured data and information are being sent from the email accounts. Gmail is the best service provided by the Google and it includes many other product of Google inside one Gmail account like Blogger Blog, Google AdSense, Google AdWords, Group mail etc.
So, here many questions arrives like My Gmail account is SECURED ?? What if your Gmail account got hacked ??  And what if my Gmail account got hacked ?? I will lost all the data and information ?? and many more questions !!! Having strong password isn’t enough to secure your Email account.  So, here I am sharing some of the best tips to secure your Gmail account.

Be Aware Of Phishing (Fake Login Page)

Now a days phishing is just a common word, Every one knows about phishing but still some people are getting hacked using phishing!!!  Hackers are just sending some of the emails to the victim’s inbox and whenever victim clicks and that link then victim will redirect to the fake login page and if the victim uses that page as login then the email and password of the victim will be saved in the server. In fact when victim add the email address and password it will redirect the victim to the original Gmail page. So if you found that you are phished then immediately change your password. Always login through or bookmark Gmail’s page and use that page as login.

Monitor Gmail account regularly


Now you can monitor your Gmail account using details, click on details and one widow will popup and it will show you the lists of details from where, when and using which IP address you have logged in last time. This is the best feature provided by the Google. If you have found unknown IP address or Country name in the details then some one may have accessed your Gmail account so solved this issue immediately  click on sign out of all other sessions and Gmail will clear all the sessions and then change your Gmail account password.

Select Strong Password

Selecting strong password for your Gmail account is good way to secure your Gmail account because many people are just guessing your accounts passwords and sometime they got access in your account because the common password of the most of people are 123456, their cell number, or their crush name etc. so Don’t use this kind of passwords for your Gmail account. Use some unique password, use number, upper latter, lower latter and special character in your password. Example, I want to set a new password for my Gmail account then I should use !L0v3dW4yUSmil3ItH34l5My#34r7 instead of I Love The Way U Smile It Heals My Heart. Now you have an idea how to select the strong password for your Gmail account.

Use updated Antivirus

Antivirus is the most important application. There are many people who are just spreading spywares and malwares to grab the passwords of the victim so update your antivirus regularly.

Enable 2 step verification

The best way to secure your Gmail count is 2 step verification method. In this method when ever you are login in to your Gmail account after entering the email address and password it will send the verification code to your mobile number after enter that security code in to that box and you will be redirected to your inbox.
In 2 step verification method you have to add your cell number in to your Gmail account.

How to Enable 2 step verification ?

To enable 2 step verification method in to your Gmail account follow the simple steps given bellow.
1.Login in to your Gmail account
2.Go to Security2 step verification method

3. Now click on Edit and you will be logged out from your account and again login in your account and then you will see the screen like bellow.
2 step verification 2
4. Now click on START SETUP you will see the screen like bellow.
2 step verification 3 copy copy
5. Now enter your country and enter your cell number and then choose the verification method. I prefer text message and then press send code.
2 step verification 4
6. Now you got the serial number in to your cell, just enter that serial number in to the above box and click verify.
2 step verification 5
7. Now if you are logged in through your computer then select trust this computer.
2 step verification 6
8. Now click on conform and you have done !! Now when you login in to your Gmail account it will send verification code and after the verification it will redirect you to the inbox.
2 step verification 7
Now still there is one issue in 2 step verification : what if you lost your mobile ??
well still I have solution for that :). Just enter the backup cell number into your Gmail account. Now your Gmail account is most secure.

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